wineo 400 wood Design Flooring

They are ideally suited for living rooms, dining rooms or bedrooms – the vivacious wood decors from wineo 400 convince with authentic surfaces, thereby guaranteeing an extremely cosy ambience.

Moonlight Pine Pale MLD00104
  • Rough wood structure
  • 1-strip wide plank

More style for the living room, dining room and bedroom – with deceptively real surfaces, wineo 400 wood gives each room an ambience all of its own. What is more, it is free of health-damaging plasticisers and therefore ideally suited for the comfort of one’s own home. 

And thanks to its service seal, even substantial burdens such as heavy furniture are no problem. Apart from that it’s easy to clean, particularly robust, perfect for rollicking about, splendidly warm underfoot and reduces walking sounds to a minimum. 

wineo 400 wood always fits. Be it as a light-coloured Moonlight Pine Pale decor for Scandinavian furnishing styles or as Eternity Oak Brown that generates the light-dark colour gradient as an exciting mix of colours. And as all of the designs are available for clicking, gluing and as a practical Multi-Layer, you won’t feel restricted when you make your decision.

Thanks to its LocTec locking technology, wineo 400 wood as Multi-Layer functions just like laminate flooring with an HDF core board – saw it down to the right size, intertwine, finished. To do this, all you need is a saw to cut the panels to size. And thanks to its installation height of 9 mm, wineo 400 as Multi-Layer also evens out areas of unevenness with ease.

An overview of wineo 400 wood

  • 18 modern wood designs 
  • Luxury vinyl surface with PU sealing makes the product durable and facilitates light cleaning 
  • Design flooring made from 100% vinyl for clicking, gluing or as Multi-Layer 
  • Quiet, warm and gentle on the ankles
  • Suitable for wet rooms and water resistant
  • Suitable for underfloor heating and chair castors
  • Perfect for renovations
  • Integrated impact sound insulation
  • Punctual conformability
Format: 1222 x 182 mm
Product thickness: 9 mm
Installation type: For clicking in
Box contents: 9 Paneele / 2,00 m²
Utilization class: 23 / 31
Reaction to fire: B fl - s1
Wear resistance: Group T
Wear layer: 0,3 mm
Slip resistance: μ ≥ 0,30 DS
Anti-static properties: ≤ 2 kV
Anti slip category: R 9
Resistance to staining: Very good resistance subject to concentration and exposure time