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Accessories | Underlay mat silentPREMIUM

wineo silentPREMIUM | Underlay material | 6,5 m² | 6,5 m x 1nm x 1,8 mm
Item no.: UPU1010
wineo silentPREMIUM underlay mat The premium class for floating installation of flexible...more
Product information "Accessories | Underlay mat silentPREMIUM"

wineo silentPREMIUM underlay mat

The premium class for floating installation of flexible glued floors
Self-adhesive upper side, floating installation, extremely fast

silentPREMIUM is a universal underlay mat with self-adhesive surface. Installation of the flooring on the screed is floating, it is simply glued on the mat. The installation is uncomplicated, clean and goes super fast.

The silentPREMIUM underlay mat is suitable for our glued design flooring. The underlay is made from mineral fillers and organic polyurethane which means that it is also free from plasticisers, solvents and chlorine. The composition of this underlay has earned it the German Blauer Engel (Blue Angel) seal of approval.

The underlay is supplied on a roll. silentPREMIUM underlay is unique amongst dry adhesives as it reduces both impact and walking noise. The mat is best suited to renovation projects and may only be used up to performance class 32 in private installations. This underlay mat has a self-adhesive surface and can be combined with all new substrates such as screed floors provided they are stable, dry and clean.

The real benefits of this underlay come to the fore in renovation projects. It can be used with existing floor coverings such as linoleum, homogeneous vinyl flooring and parquet or laminate floors. It cannot be laid onto textile floor covering. In these cases, the floor covering must first be removed before silentPREMIUM can be installed.

  • Permanently elastic underlay material made from up to 90% natural raw materials
  • Outstanding and long-lasting impact sound qualities
  • Ideally suited for underfloor heating
  • Suitable for glued wineo design flooring
  • No need for additional adhesives due to self-adhesive surface
  • High energy efficiency (good savings on underfloor heating)
  • Long life performance of at least 30 years
  • Certified sustainability
  • Excellent impact noise reduction
  • Made with ecuran
  • No chlorine, plasticisers or solvents

Perfect choice for glued design flooring: wineo 400 I 600 and all comparable, flexible dryback flooring.


Technical characteristics

Recommended use: Private living | Utilisation class 23/32
Material: ecuran | organic PU
Rolls/Pallet: 40
Roll: 6.5 m²
Thickness: 1.8 mm
Width: 1 m
Length: 6.5 m
Weight: 2.6 kg / m²
Impact noise reduction: 15 dB wineo design flooring
Thermal resistance: 0.01 (m² K) / W
Up to utilization classes: 23 and 32