Laminate flooring wineo 500


wineo 500 is a real all-rounder with its 4 different formats and hard-wearing surface. A varied choice of wood decors coupled with sophisticated textures and a core board suitable for wet rooms enables a multitude of usage and design options.

The choice is yours: Some medium format designs are available with optional integrated soundPROTECT insulation mat. All other decors feature attractive joint designs.

Learn more about the different variants in the extensive range of wineo 500 laminate flooring here or leaf through the entire design range in the decor section.

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wineo 500 medium
wineo 500 large V2
Alaska Oak
wineo 500 medium
Alder Romantic
wineo 500 medium V2
Ascona Pine Grey
wineo 500 medium
Ascona Pine Nature
wineo 500 medium
Bergamo Oak
wineo 500 large V2
Champagne Oak
wineo 500 medium
Coastal Oak
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