PURLINE Bioboden

PURLINE organic flooring

With PURLINE organic flooring, we offer the first plastic floor covering that primarily consists of renewable raw and natural fillers – no PVC, plasticisers or solvents involved.


Damp areas

wineo 1500 is ideal for damp areas, such as kitchens or bathrooms as it does not swell on contact with water.

Underfloor heating

Installed over underfloor heating,the wineo 1500 provides additional warmth.

Warm to the feet

Feels pleasantly warm and is ideally suited for lying, playing and living on.

Easy care

The polyurethane surface makes the wineo 1500 easy to clean.


The soft surface ensures pleasantly quiet acoustics.


The tested surface ensures safety with every step.

Gentle on the ankles

The elastic surface is gentle on the joints.

Minimal smoke

Even in the event of fire, there are no toxic gases and hardly any smoke.


wineo 1000

wineo 1000 - The collection for gluing and to click for private use with various wood and stone decors.

PURLINE Bioboden Holzdekor Bodenbelag Küche

wineo 1500

wineo 1500 - The collection for the contract sector with many different formats, designs and a wide selection of concrete looks.

Bodenbelag Objektbereich Cafe Bar Bistro

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