PURLINE artist PURLINE organic flooring

The resilient floor: Environmentally friendly, long-lasting, easy to clean and especially suitable for sensitive areas like hospitals or kindergartens – so uniquely natural.

Crazy Fish PB00044AR
  • Pearl structure
  • Rolled goods
  • 20 x 2 m

PURLINE artist is the ideal solution for all those looking for an unusually creative and environmentally friendly floor covering. It has been exclusively designed for wineo by the artist Elena Filatov: a floor on which young ones love to play and grown-ups feel good. It can be combined in many ways, is colourful and cheerful – a design that comes from the heart and opens hearts.  

  • 3 creative decors, designed by a female artist
  • Suitable for use in large buildings
  • Ecological floor covering made of bio-polyurethane
  • Odour-neutral and almost emission-free
  • Very durable and easy-care surface
Installation type: For gluing
Product thickness: 2,5 mm
Format: 20 x 2 m
Utilization class: 23 / 34 / 43
Wear resistance: Group T
Reaction to fire: C fl - s1
Anti slip category: R 9
Slip resistance: μ ≥ 0,30 DS
Resistance to staining: Very good resistance subject to concentration and exposure time
Light fastness: ≥ 7
Residual indentation: ~ 0, 05 mm
Dimensional stability: ≤ 0,05 %
Suitability for underfloor heating: Suitable for all conventional hot water underfloor heating and electrical systems regulated up to a surface temperature of 27°C
Evaluation of the flue gas: Toxicologically harmless
Fuse wires - Bild 312
Fuse wires

The fuse wires are available for every design in the same decor.

Skirting boards and external corners - Bild 320
Skirting boards and external corners

Matching skirting boards and external corners to the decors.

Bodenbelag Klinikum Rollenware Krankenhaus PURLINE
Health + Care
Universitätsklinikum Münster (UKM)