wineo 1000 wood - Multi-Layer XXL PURLINE organic flooring

No plasticisers, no solvents, no gimmicks – wineo PURLINE organic flooring is probably the most environmentally friendly floor covering on the market today. It is great for the environment and also looks absolutely stunning. And now it is also available as a Multi-Layer in an XXL plank format.

Garden Oak MLP005R
  • Exclusive wood structure
  • 1-strip wide plank

The healthy and durable PURLINE organic flooring is also ideal for homes as a Multi-Layer in an XXL plank format. It is extremely low-maintenance and particularly robust – as well as being quick to install thanks to the LocTec® locking system. With an installation height of 9 mm, it easily takes care of unevenness and is particularly suitable for refurbishment work.

In addition, the integrated noise-absorbing mat reduces the sound of footfall and ensures a low noise level. The 1845 x 237 mm XXL plank format is exclusively available for the first time in the PURLINE organic flooring portfolio. With an elegant and high-quality look befitting a country house, it consists of a special selection of 10 wood decors from the stylish wineo 1000 wood collection.

Advantages of Multi-Layer:

  • 10 selected wood decors from the wineo 1000 wood collection
  • Stable 9 mm Multi-Layer – ideal for taking care of unevenness
  • Quick to install thanks to the Fold-Down locking system
  • Integrated noise-absorbing mat to additionally reduce footfall sound
  • Elegant and high-quality look befitting a country house
  • Exclusive 1845 x 237 mm XXL plank format, available in the PURLINE portfolio for the first time
  • The ideal addition to the wineo 1000, the PURLINE organic flooring for the home

Installation type: For clicking in
Format: 1845 x 237 mm
Product thickness: 9 mm
Utilization class: 23 / 32
Core board: Aqua-Protect
Wear resistance: Group T
Anti slip category: R 9
Anti-static properties: ≤ 2 kV
Bodenbelag Küche Hell PURLINE Bioboden
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