wineo 1000 wood - For gluing PURLINE organic flooring

With 20 stylish wood decors, from warm to cosy through to homely, wineo 1000 is guaranteed to provide a touch of something special for your home. The version for gluing guarantees maximum durability for impressive results. wineo 1000 – modern naturalness.

Calistoga Grey PL003R
  • 1-strip wide plank
  • Exclusive wood structure
  • 1298 x 200 mm

The best ingredients...
Genuine homeliness, good installation properties and extraordinary design – a modern floor should offer all this today. And best of all it should also be genuinely sustainable. All no problem with wineo 1000. Because PURLINE organic flooring for the home is consciously made of natural raw materials. That means without plasticisers, solvents and chlorine.
And at the same time the organic flooring can withstand an awful lot, is proven to be durable and can be cleaned in no time at all. Simply the natural all-round talent for every home. wineo 1000 – quality + sustainability “Made in Germany”.

... for modern living
Warm, cosy, homely. With 20 stylish wood decors, wineo 1000 offers a comprehensive selection of modern decors for all those who like a wood finish. The version for gluing is distinguished in particular by its extreme durability, optimal room acoustics and low construction height. And especially for experienced DIY enthusiasts and professionals is a genuine treat.

  • 20 stylish wood finishes for every taste
  • Very durable and easy care. Even heavy furniture and chair castors cannot make a traceable impression on the organic flooring
  • Odour-neutral and harmless to health, as free from chlorine, solvents and plasticisers
  • Gentle on the ankles, warm to the feet and thanks to the soft surface particularly suitable for pleasant room acoustics
  • Suitable for damp areas and underfloor heating and hence a genuinely uncomplicated all-rounder
Installation type: For gluing
Product thickness: 2,2 mm
Format: 1298 x 200 mm
Box contents: 20 Paneele / 5,19 m²
Utilization class: 23 / 32
Wear resistance: Group T
Reaction to fire: C fl - s1
Anti slip category: R 9
Slip resistance: μ ≥ 0,30 DS
Anti-static properties: ≤ 2 kV
Resistance to staining: Very good resistance subject to concentration and exposure time
Light fastness: ≥ 7
Residual indentation: ~ 0, 05 mm
Castor chair test: Type W – no visible change
Dimensional stability: ≤ 0,10%
Flexural behaviour: < 20 mm
Clipholder - Bild 297

For a fast and uncomplicated installation of skirting boards.

Skirting boards 14,5 /50 - Bild 328
Skirting boards 14,5 /50

Skirting boards matched to the decors.

Bodenbelag Küche Hell PURLINE Bioboden
Private Kitchen

Installation video