wineo 1500 fusion XL PURLINE organic flooring

Always find the right shade of grey to complement the furniture. Lots of people people promise it, but we guarantee it – with wineo 1500 fusion XL and the match guarantee you are always certain to find the right touch.

Cool.Four PL110C
  • Tile appearance
  • Soft structure
  • 1000 x 500 mm

Always with the right shade of grey for the furnishings – wineo 1500 fusion XL convinces with16 new designs. Light or dark shades, warm like summer or pleasantly cool – adjusted specifically to the needs of architects and planners, wineo 1500 fusion XL makes a convincing case. It always politely takes a couple of steps back and then almost automatically integrates itself into the existing colour concept again.

Modern floors must be able to do a lot and offer even more. The most important aspects are extraordinary designs, good instalment properties and bona fide cosiness. wineo 1500 fusion XL fulfils all of these requirements and also offers something else very special: real sustainability. That’s because wineo 1500 fusion XL is a high-quality polyurethane flooring solution made from the best ingredients. The basis is provided by ecuran, a high-performance composite material that consists primarily of renewable raw and natural fillers such as canola oil or castor oil, plus chalk. This is how wineo 1500 fusion XL combines sustainability with extreme durability. And it’s all Made in Germany.

Thanks to our match guarantee, you will even find the flooring you are looking for along with particularly challenging furnishing elements. Guaranteed. And the two graphic decors flowers and ornaments provide extra highlights that consist colour-wise of the decors in the Fusion matrix. In this way, every colour row develops a light and a dark decor variant that you can combine perfectly with all decors from the Fusion collection.

wineo 1500 fusion XL is available in plank form for gluing – it is firmly attached to the subsurface and therefore cannot slip out of position. Thanks to its low installation height of just 2.5 mm, it is also perfectly suited to renovation and restructuring work. And despite that, the set-up is particularly simple: spread the adhesive evenly over the subsurface, align the planks accurately and give them their final touch – finished.

  • The design system with a match guarantee
  • 16 stylish new designs Highly durable and low-maintenance
  • Extremly durable and sustainable
  • Contains no chlorine, solvents or plasticisers

Format: 1000 x 500 mm
Product thickness: 2,5 mm
Installation type: For gluing
Utilization class: 23 / 34 / 43
Reaction to fire: C fl - s1
Anti slip category: R 9
Light fastness: ≥ 7
Suitability for underfloor heating: Suitable for all conventional hot water underfloor heating and electrical systems regulated up to a surface temperature of 27°C
Castor chair test: Type W – no visible change
Anti-static properties: ≤ 2 kV
Slip resistance: μ ≥ 0,30 DS
Wear resistance: Group T
Resistance to staining: Very good resistance subject to concentration and exposure time
Dimensional stability: ≤ 0,10%