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Cutting and istalling the last panel
Cutting and installing the last panel in a room There's nothing special about the last row When installing flooring, somewhere or other, there will be a few minor challenges. Our video tutorials help you deal with these. For many people, it is the last row which causes a problem when installing a floor. As the last piece can be unpredictable, it is possible there may be a great deal of cutting inv
Quality promise
Our quality promise Controlled quality From the raw materials supplier to the finished, packed product – wineo flooring must satisfy the most stringent requirements and go through an intensive quality-assurance process. Seven-stage quality control guarantees that our excellent and multiple award-winning quality will continue to set standards in the future as well. High level of responsibility As
PERFECT FIT aluminium profiles Aluminium profile for gluing and screwing Profiles for clean finishes and transitions The gap bridges Whether between floor coverings of different heights, at the transition to the sliding door or at the edge of the stairs, gaps can hardly be avoided when laying floorings. They are never good! It is easy for dirt to collect here, and if the edges of the floor coverin
Acoustic mats to reduce footfall sound! Sound is caused by vibrations of elastic compounds. Vibrations as a result of impact or a surface being walked on reach us as sound waves. In general, laminate flooring is a relatively thin product with a very hard surface that is then often installed on lightweight, insulating underlay containing cavities. The resulting sound patterns usually do not match c
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