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wineo 500
Laminate flooring wineo 500 wineo 500 is a real all-rounder with its 4 different formats and hard-wearing surface. A varied choice of wood decors coupled with sophisticated textures and a core board suitable for wet rooms ...
wineo 500 medium
wineo 500 medium The wineo 500 medium collection is an outlandish laminate flooring collection with partly very striking and extraordinary decors. The fascination is in the detail. For example, the design development for the Ascona Pine Nature decor is based on old and worn pine beams and conveys a very unique modern rustic look. The 1288 x 195 mm plank format is suitable for universal use. Let yo
wineo 500 small V4
Laminate flooring wineo 500 small V4 The wineo 500 small collection stands for laminate flooring with authentic oak reproductions in a 1-strip design. The light, medium and also darker shades are partly very striking and u...
wineo 500 large V2
Laminate flooring wineo 500 large V2 The extra-wide panel format of 1380 x 246 mm and the 2-sided V-joint create an authentic timber floor board look. The wineo 500 large collection thus gives any space a generous and part...
wineo 500 XL V4
Laminate flooring wineo 500 XL V4 The extra-long planks in the XL format of 1850 x 192 mm give new dimensions to any home interior. Spaces are stretched with this laminate flooring and are given a generous ambience. The 12...
wineo 500 medium V2
Laminate flooring wineo 500 medium V2 The wineo 500 medium V2 collection consists of 12 unmistakable wood decors. The 2-sided V-joints ensure a deceptively genuine appearance here. The bevelled long edges support the lengt...
Product composition
...d onto the underside of the laminate panel. This diagram illustrates the composition of laminate flooring. Product composition Laminate flooring Surface texture Various embossings (wineo 300 and wineo 500) ensure a high degree of authenticity. Matt and high gloss finishes (wineo 550) give the decor brilliance and a depth of colour. Wear layer The particularly durable melamine resin overlay (wineo...
Decorating Styles
...zusammengestellt. Contemporary Design Designboden wineo 600 - Polaris Industrial Style Laminatboden wineo 300 - Jalopy Urban Living Laminatboden wineo 300 - Okami Scandinavian Style Laminatboden wineo 500 XL V4 - Malmoe Pine Modern Living Designboden wineo 600 stone - Lava Black Urban Living Designboden wineo 400 stone - Fortune Stone Rusty Pure White Laminatboden wineo 550 - Weiß Hochglanz Scan...
Technical data sheets
...ty wineo 1500 sea Design flooring wineo 400 to glue wineo 400 to click wineo 400 Multi-Layer wineo 600 to glue wineo 600 to click wineo 800 to glue wineo 800 to click Laminate flooring wineo 300 wineo 500 medium wineo 500 with Authentic joint design wineo 550 wineo Rock'n'Go Accessoires silentCOMFORT silentPREMIUM silentPLUS wineo insulation board soundPROTECT soundPROTECT Profi soundPROTECT Prof...
Archive declaration of performance
Archive declaration of performance Declaration of performance 0101001 Laminate floor covering acc. EN 13329 | wineo 300 | wineo 500 | bonita | marena | piazza | ariosa | euro Declaration of performance 0401001 Resilient floor covering acc. EN ISO 10582 | DESIGNline | Select | Prestige | ambra | wineo 400 for gluing | wineo 6...
Declaration of performance
...01010 wineo 1000 | PURLINE Role | PURLINE Plank DOP 2101010 wineo 1500 Roll / Plank DOP 2201010 wineo 1500 acoustic DOP 2301010 wineo 1500 safety DOP 2003010 Purline 2019 DOP 0101010 wineo 300 | wineo 500 | Performance Laminate flooring / wineo Rock'N'Go | wineo 1000 Multi-Layer wood XXL DOP 0301010 wineo 400 | wineo 400 Multi-Layer | wineo 600 | wineo 800 DOP 1601010 wineo 550 | wineo 550 digita...
Laminate flooring More beautiful and uncomplicated than ever before: Thanks to a new and clear collection structure, the wineo 300, wineo 500,  wineo 550 and rock'n'go ranges impress with a wide range of attractive decors. What is laminate flooring? As a pioneer in this field, wineo has impressed with its extremely high-quality lamin...
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