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wineo 300
Laminate flooring wineo 300 AS SIMPLE. AS EASY. The wineo 300 laminate flooring collection offers a large choice of classic and extraordinary decors for a cosy home with style. The select timber reproductions in this colle...
wineo 300
...on make it the ideal choice for renovation work. And, thanks to its different utilisation classes, this all-rounder is at home in both residential and commercial properties. Our new and improved wineo 300 collection is the perfect entry-level introduction to the world of laminate flooring. Its coordinated panel format, attractive price-performance ratio, excellent quality and outstanding properti...
wineo laminate flooring collections wineo 300 SIMPLY BASIC. ALWAYS PREMIUM. wineo 500 SIMPLY OAK. ALWAYS PREMIUM. wineo 550 SIMPLY STYLISH. ALWAYS PREMIUM. wineo Rock'n'Go SIMPLY ROCKABLE. ALWAYS PREMIUM
Declaration of performance
Declaration of performance Great Britain Czech Great Britain - Declaration of perfmance DOP 0101010 Laminate flooring| wineo 300 | wineo 500 | Performance Laminate flooring / wineo Rock'N'Go | wineo 1000 Multi-Layer wood XXL | Preview laminate flooring 2020 DOP 1601010 wineo 550 | wineo 550 digital DOP 1601011 wineo 550 D...
Technical data sheets
...oring wineo 400 for gluing wineo 400 for clicking in wineo 400 Multi-Layer wineo 600 for gluing wineo 600 for clicking in (Rigid) wineo 800 for gluing wineo 800 for clicking in Laminate flooring wineo 300 wineo 500 wineo 550 wineo Rock'n'Go Accessoires silentCOMFORT silentPREMIUM silentPLUS silentRIGID soundSTOP soundPROTECT Profi soundPROTECT Profi SD soundPROTECT SD soundPROTECT noisePROTECT SD...
Archive declaration of performance
Archive declaration of performance Declaration of performance 0101001 Laminate floor covering acc. EN 13329 | wineo 300 | wineo 500 | bonita | marena | piazza | ariosa | euro Declaration of performance 0401001 Resilient floor covering acc. EN ISO 10582 | DESIGNline | Select | Prestige | ambra | wineo 400 for glui...
Be inspired References and decorating styles offer you examples for every area and every requirement To the decorating stylesDecorating styles Every taste is different and everyone wants to furnish their own home individually. We present the most popular decorating styles and interior design ideas. Scandic Living, Industrial Style or natural living - there is something for everyone. References win
Product composition production process, whereby footfall sound insulation is laminated onto the underside of the laminate panel. This diagram illustrates the composition of laminate flooring. Product composition wineo 300 | wineo 500 Surface texture Various surface embossing ensures highest level of authenticity. Wear layer The hard-wearing melamine resin overlay is the basis for the classification into the corre...
Aqua-Stop-Technology For maximum moisture resistance with wineo laminate floors Laminate flooring of the wineo 300 and wineo 500 collections produced as of 01.01.2019 are equipped with the worldwide unique Aqua-Stop technology as standard. The Aqua-Stop technology was presented and introduced to the market f...
... underfloor heating, with non-staining quality or optimized room acoustics. With the wineo product range we can offer you the right solution. More information wineo laminate flooring collections wineo 300 SIMPLY BASIC. ALWAYS PREMIUM. wineo 500 SIMPLY OAK. ALWAYS PREMIUM. wineo 550 SIMPLY STYLISH. ALWAYS PREMIUM. wineo Rock'n'Go SIMPLY ROCKABLE. ALWAYS PREMIUM
Decorating Styles
...ind the most suitable flooring for your ideal home that fits in with your favourite styling. We have brought together a few items to inspire your flooring choice. Modern Living Laminate flooring wineo 300 - Lonon Oak Industrial Style Design flooring wineo 600 - #NoordFactory Loft Style Design flooring wineo 600 - #LisbonLoft Industrial Style Design flooring wineo 600 - #ParisLoft Modern Living La...
Guarantee laminate flooring
Manufacturer's residential warranty (Herstellergarantie) of Windmöller GmbH for wineo 300, 500, 550 und Rock ‘n Go flooring collection! Thank you for choosing a wineo®-product from Windmöller. We herewith provide to you a manufacturer’s warranty certificate for the product you ...
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