wineo Laminatboden Laminat Qualität Qualitötskontrolle

Our quality promise


For us, outstanding quality means more than an excellent product. As a family business in its 3rd generation we carry a high level of social and ecological responsibility. That’s why we always provide you with the greatest possible level of transparency. And therefore even more safety.

  • many quality controls from the initial mixing of the ingredients to the completion stage
  • traceability of the exact time of production via a reverse-side overprint
  • outstanding attributes regarding durability, maintenance and safety

CE mark of conformity

CE-Prüfkennzeichen wineo Zertifikat Laminat Laminatboden

The CE mark confirms that the product has been tested and meets all the EU-wide requirements for safety, health protection and environmental protection.


A+ Zertifikat wineo Laminat Laminatboden

Just like the “Blue Angel” in Germany, the A+ seal identifies our products as ecological, healthy and user friendly in the French market.


PEFC Zertifikat wineo Laminat Laminatboden

The PEFC quality seal is based on very strict guidelines for managing our forests in a sustainable manner and guarantees that timber is used from verified cultivation sources. The whole product manufacturing process – from the raw material through to the ready-to-use end product – is certified and verified by independent assessors.

Der Blaue Engel

Blauer Engel Zertifikat wineo Laminat Laminatboden Auszeichnung

The “Blue Angel” guarantees that our products and services fulfill high requirements placed on environmental, health and usage properties. Criteria must be met for each product group, which are checked every three to four years by the Federal Environment Agency.


TÜV TFI Proficert wineo Laminatboden Lamina DE Zertifikat

The TFI (Textiles & Flooring Institute GmbH) and TÜV Hessen evaluate products from qualitative, health and ecological aspects. In general, only products that are harmless to health can be certified.

*Only for selected products