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Flooring for Living Room

High-quality flooring solutions for your home

The flooring makes the room

The living room, the focal point and meeting place of a house or flat. This is where you spend many hours with your partner, friends and relatives. This is where people laugh, play, celebrate and work. That's why it's not surprising that people give a lot of thought and inspiration to the furnishing of the living room. After all, the living room is the flagship of the house, this is where people have to feel particularly comfortable, this is where the guests of the house have to feel at home.

Especially in the cold season, it is important that the flooring radiates cosiness and warmth, so that you feel comfortable in the house. The floor in the living room is therefore particularly important, as the colour tone, the look and the design are decisive for the overall ambience and atmosphere. Due to the many furnishing styles, the designs and decors in the flooring have evolved to perfectly support each individual living and furnishing style.

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XL plank formats give the room a spacious feel

Living comfort is essential

But the type of flooring material also has a great influence on the living atmosphere in a living room. Tiles or laminate floors are rather hard and cold floor coverings, but have a hard-wearing and scratch-resistant surface that can withstand a lot. In combination with underfloor heating, you can also achieve a very pleasant atmosphere with these floor coverings. With laminate flooring in particular, you can give free rein to your creativity thanks to the wide range of decors and panel formats. With the option of impact sound insulation for laminate flooring, you can also reduce walking noise and thus increase living comfort even further.

However, resilient floor coverings such as PURLINE organic flooring or wineo design flooring and vinyl flooring actually offer the greatest living comfort. Thanks to the soft surface material, it is very easy to walk barefoot on the flooring without it feeling uncomfortable. Elastic floor coverings have a positive influence on the sound experience in the room: thanks to the elastic surface, walking noises that are produced by shoes with high heels, for example, are very strongly muffled. This additionally has a very great influence on living comfort.

Design variety and quick installation

Many furnishing trends are moving in the rustic direction, so that the decors in the area of floor coverings can also convince with very warm colour tones and strong grain in the decor image. For Scandinavian living styles, light decors in grey and white are very suitable to emphasise the living style.

Since everyone's taste in furnishings and living style can change from time to time, it is important that the floor covering can be changed quickly. Here, resilient floor coverings from wineo are the right choice. As a click-on or multi-layer variant, the floor coverings can be installed very quickly. No major preparatory work is necessary for this. In some cases, the panels can even be laid on an existing floor. With the appropriate underlay mat, even minimal unevenness can be evened out. However, the installation instructions should always be consulted before laying the panels.

And if at some point the flooring no longer matches the furnishings, it can be taken up again just as quickly as it was laid. And the whole thing can be done without the use of large tools, without dirt and without noise. The best comes at the end: After installation, the flooring can be used immediately.

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Warm colours increase comfort

Selected flooring designs for the living room

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