Self-adhesive mats

The wineo self-adhesive mats are the perfect solution for a quick, sustainable and clean glue-down flooring installation

wineo self-adhesive mats at a glance

  • Simply clean: Professional floor bonding without the use of liquid adhesive. 
  • Excellent sound insulation: Additional reduction of footfall and walking noise compared to conventional gluing 
  • Suitable for use on underfloor heating systems 
  • Low-emission: does not release any harmful substances into the room air 
  • Sustainably produced in Germany! Made with ecuran 
  • Durable - 30 year warranty in combination with wineo floor coverings 
  • Easy on the joints: the elastic material improves the running properties of the flooring 
  • Non-specialist tradesmen also add adhesive floor installation to their portfolio 

wineo self-adhesive mats as an alternative to the use of liquid adhesive

The wineo self-adhesive mats are the perfect solution for a quick, sustainable and clean floor installation. They replace liquid adhesive and allow for quick and easy installation with little mess.

Available as either one-sided (singleGLUE) or two-sided (doubleGLUE) the products provide  a self-adhesive top (single)
and bottom side (double) that allow for a quick and easy installation of glue-down flooring products. By gluing the floor covering to the mat instead of the directly prepared subfloor, additional sound insulation is also achieved. Convince yourself of the simple and efficient application of wineo self-adhesive mats. 


For floating installation of design flooring or PURLINE organic flooring with a thickness of up to 2.5 mm.

wineo singleGLUE

The wineo singleGLUE is a new, innovative product on the flooring installation market. Instead of conventional liquid adhesive, this uses an underlay mat with an adhesive surface, replacing time-consuming gluing in four simple steps. This makes the installation of flooring for gluing particularly easy and can also be carried out by amateur craftsmen. After rolling out and peeling off the foil, the flooring is glued on and the mat is pressed down firmly with a roller. The flooring can then be walked on immediately, eliminating the usual long drying times. In addition, the underlay mat reduces impact sound and is low-emission. With singleGLUE the gluing of the floor is particularly clean and thanks to the floating installation, the floor can also be removed quickly and without leaving any residue. The wineo self-adhesive mat is therefore an innovative, environmentally friendly and healthy alternative to conventional liquid glue.  


Roll our mat

Peel off foil

Place flooring

Finish with roller


The wineo singleGLUE is a fast and immediately walkable alternative to conventional liquid adhesive in flooring installation.

Versatile in use

It is also possible to install roll goods.

Self-adhesive and clean

Minimal dirt thanks to installation on self-adhesive surface, no need to use liquid adhesive.

Quick renovation

It is possible to lay the mat over existing floor coverings.* This eliminates the need to remove the old floor covering and the installation can be started directly.

Heatlhy living

wineo singleGLUE does not release any harmful substances into the room air and is therefore low in emissions.

Leaves no traces

Floor installation on the mat leaves no residue and can be quickly removed thanks to a floating installation. 

Improved comfort

Compared to gluing directly to the substrate, the mat's elastic construction additionally creates a shock-absorbing floor experience that is easier on the joints. 


For double-sided adhesion of design flooring or PURLINE organic flooring with a thickness of up to 2.5 mm.

wineo doubleGLUE

Discover the advantages of wineo doubleGLUE now - the innovative solution for simple and effective installation of floor coverings! Thanks to double-sided adhesion, the system achieves maximum stability in combination with your floor covering and ensures a particularly strong reduction in footfall and walking noise. This makes wineo doubleGLUE perfect for rooms with high demands on room acoustics, such as hotel rooms or corridors. 

The strong double-sided adhesive also enables jointless installation and thus the elimination of expansion joints between rooms. This not only simplifies installation, but also ensures a visually closed surface without having to compromise on the performance of the floor. 


Roll out mat              

Use roller

Turn over mat

Remove topside foil

Remove backside foil

Place flooring

Glue down mat

Finish with roller

Detailed video instructions for the self-adhesive mats

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* Please refer to the information in the installation instructions or contact us.