Designboden Rigid #ParisLoft RLC199W6 Schlafzimmer Bett Holzoptik Vinylboden

Decorating styles

New trends and living ideas for your own home

Decorating styles with wineo flooring

Modern Scandinavian, shabby chic, vintage, urban living, retro ... today’s trends allow homes to be styled in any number of different ways. This makes it difficult to keep track of everything and stick with a single line. Because once you have decided on a style, it also makes sense to stick with it. A mix of different styles is usually not the best look for your home.

There are so many questions! Which furniture? Which finish? What colour to have the walls and, last but not least, which flooring? Selecting the right flooring is particularly important here as, together with the walls and the ceiling, the floor takes up the most space and gives a room that first decisive impression. While most walls are still painted white, as far as flooring is concerned, there are any number of materials, finishes and panel formats to choose from.

We would like to help you find the most suitable flooring for your ideal home that fits in with your favourite styling. We have brought together a few items to inspire your flooring choice.

Laminatboden London Oak LA150N Arbeitszimmer Holzoptik Wohnzimmer
Designboden #NoordFactory Rigid Vinylboden Esszimmer Wohnzimmer Vinylboden Holzoptik Loft
Designboden zum Klicken Rigid #LisbonLoft RLC192W6 Küche Holzoptik Loft Vinylboden
Designboden Rigid #ParisLoft RLC199W6 Büro Arbeitszimmer Vinylboden Holzoptik
Laminatboden Strong Oak Beige LA175MV4 Couch Sofa Laminat Holzoptik
wine Designboden in Küche mit Mann
wineo Laminatboden in Küche mit Einrichtung und Frau
Panele winylowe do kuchni
Designboden Rigid #BerlinLoft RLC200W6 Bad Badezimmer Feuchtraum Vinylboden Holzoptik
Designboden Rigid #BerlinLoft RLC200W6 Badezimmer Feuchtraum Vinylboden Holzoptik
Designboden Rigid #NewtownFactory RLC204W6 Büro Arbeitszimmer Vinylboden Steinoptik
Badezimmer Freistehende Badewanne Duschkabine Laminatboden Smooth Oak White LA164MV4 Laminat Holzoptik
Laminatboden Balanced Oak Darkbrown LA182MV4 Schlafzimmer Bett Nachttisch Holzoptik Laminat
Designboden Rigid #ParisLoft RLC199W6 Schlafzimmer Bett Holzoptik Vinylboden
Wohnzimmer Vinylboden Designboden Eiche Rustikal Bodenbelag Skandinavisch weiße Wand Modern
Laminatboden Laminat Wohnzimmer moderne Einrichtung Holz Fuge hell
Designboden #NoordFactory DB201W06 Loft Wohnzimmer Wohnbereich Esszimmer Vinylboden
DesignbodenRigid #BrooklyFactory RLC206W6 kleiner Ladenbau Vinylboden Steinoptik