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Guarantee conditions

Our guarantees

Our floors are developed for a long product life. And because only tested quality leaves our factory, our floor coverings have far-reaching guarantees that go beyond the statutory warranties. Our guarantees relate to the key product properties that you expect as a consumer when using the floor. The guarantees cover a wide range of properties from the resistance of the surface through to the overall product stability. The guarantees on wineo floor coverings are graded by wear classes as well as by the support materials used in the laminate sector. They start at 15 years and go up to 25 years on the extremely durably floor coverings.

In order to enjoy these extensive guarantees on our floor coverings, you need a certificate of guarantee signed by us combined with the purchase receipt from your dealer who marks the product as a wineo product. And this is how it works:


  •   You select a new wineo branded floor from your specialist dealer or fitter.
  •   Register within 4 weeks from date of purchase (online or in writing) to enjoy the benefits of the guarantees. 
  •   You must only use original wineo accessories & approved cleaning materials
  •   You install the floor yourself or have it installed in accordance with wineo installation instructions
  •   You will receive your personal warranty certificate by sending us an e-mail with the subject "Request personal warranty certificate" to and the following information:
    • First name, surname and full address
    • Which floor was laid?
    • Commercial or private use?
    • Invoice copy
  •    We will issue the written certificate of guarantee for your product and send this to you by post.

Please keep this letter inc. the confirmation in your documents in case you need to make use of the guarantee

Small print or as download + warranty conditions:Procedure to register a warranty claim If Windmöller accepts a claim as part of the wineo guarantee, the company will repair or replace the floor covering material in question. This guarantee only covers the repair and replacement of the material in question; it does not cover the associated labour costs. wineo will replace the panel(s) in the original decor, if available, and if not then using material of the same or a higher value if the original material is not available. The replaced panels are given a guarantee for the remaining warranty period. The above-mentioned help represents the only and exclusive help for the customer with regard to claims as part of this guarantee. This guarantee is not transferable. It extends to the original end user. Each warranty claim must be asserted in writing within 30 days of a defect being established. To assert a claim, please get in touch with your dealer or fitter. A purchase receipt is necessary in order to take up a warranty service. You must send your purchase receipt or other documents that prove the purchase date through the dealer to the Windmöller customer service department or present it/them in person. Any discrepancy arising from or in connection with this guarantee or a breach of the guarantee must be resolved by a binding arbitration award according to German jurisdiction.