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Challenges facing retail shops

Regularly changing product displays and high traffic areas are a great challenge - especially when it comes to flooring. It should always look distinctive and be able to perfectly withstand the heavy loads.


wineo floorings offer first-class technical properties and stylish decors. Whether it's for the individually designed store, temporary promotion areas or large department stores, design flooring and PURLINE organic flooring from wineo guarantees to leave a lasting impression on your customers.

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Boutiques & Stores

Boutiques and stores need to look distinctive. This includes lighting, furnishings and decorative objects as well as floor design. The design of the store is what invites customers to linger and ultimately buy more.

For boutiques and stores, PURLINE organic flooring and design flooring offers:

  • An extensive range of designs including bespoke designs
  • Versatile installation options such as inlays or herringbone installations
  • Quick overnight renovations without any mess or unpleasant odours with our silentPREMIUM CONTRACT
  • Easy cleaning and maintenance

Food halls

In food halls, special requirements apply to hygiene, cleanliness and suitability for humid areas.  Especially when open foodstuffs are stored there, it goes without saying that furniture and floor coverings must be tested for harmful substances and be considered safe.

For food halls, PURLINE organic flooring offers:

  • Slip resistance up to level R10
  • Extremely easy to clean, highly resistant to dirt
  • Resistance to bacteria
  • Abrasion resistance - No visual walkways can be seen
  • No harmful substances or emissions
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Department stores & large shops

Department stores and large shops are characterised by a lot of public traffic and highly frequented areas. Here, floorings not only have to look good but also withstand enormous loads, both in the aisles and the surface area.

For department stores and large shops, PURLINE organic flooring and design flooring offers:

  • High durability up to the service class of heavily used light industry
  • Easy cleaning and maintenance
  • Abrasion resistance - no visual walkways can be seen
  • Reversible installation solutions for e.g. temporary action areas and SiS
  • Numerous installation and combination options
  • Individual designs

Trade fairs & exhibitions

For fairs and expos, the flooring must be reversible and uncomplicated. Whether it's large trade fair areas or seasonal exhibitions, a temporary installation needs to withstand the loads.

For trade fairs and exhibitions, laminate, PURLINE organic flooring and design flooring offers:

  • Slip-resistance up to level R10
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Hard-wearing up to the light industrial use class
  • Various installation solutions: available as click flooring or with the silentPREMIUM CONTRACT underlay mat
  • An extensive range of designs including bespoke designs
  • Quick and uncomplicated dismantling
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