wineo Einsatzgebiete Schiff


A flooring solution specific to the shipbuilding and offshore industry

Challenges in the Maritime sector

Cruiseliners, ferries, container freighters, mega-yachts, naval vessels or drilling platforms - modern shipbuilding and advanced offshore facilities require great technical knowledge as well as reliable and, above all, resilient technologies. This is not only to master the challenges on the world's oceans, but also to offer people a modern and safe environment at sea. We have developed a special floor for these exacting requirements: wineo 1500 sea.

wineo 1500 sea can do more than you see:

  • Excellent fire protection properties (IMO certified)
  • Extremely hard-wearing and therefore very durable
  • Resistant to chemical and mechanical influences + maximum UV resistance
  • Highly slip-resistant with sound-reducing qualities
  • And it's natural: made from renewable and natural raw materials

Shipbuilding & offshore industry

Shipbuilding and the offshore industry place special demands on the floor coverings used.

wineo 1500 sea can be used in many areas - from ship corridors and aisles to larger areas such as restaurants, dining rooms, shopping malls, individual shops or sports and fitness rooms, through to individual suites, cabins and berths. wineo 1500 sea is not only highly versatile in terms of design with its large selection of wood, stone and plain decors, but also in terms of installation - available in rolls or in different plank formats.

  • Exactly the right solution for a wide variety of vessels and areas, as well as a wide variety of offshore platforms and installations.
  • Meets all safety requirements according to current IMO regulations
  • Hard-wearing, non-slip and easy to clean
  • 100 % made in Germany - from development to production
  • Sustainability at sea



The floor covering offers special properties in the event of fire, particularly notable in shipbuilding and the offshore industry. Due to its natural formula, wineo 1500 sea does not produce any toxic gases in the event of a fire and produces minimal smoke.

wineo 1500 sea fulfils all safety requirements in accordance with the current IMO regulations and is certified in accordance with the IMO 2010 FTP Code, and therefore complies with the existing SOLAS and EU regulations. wineo 1500 sea carries the US Coast Guard Approval No.: 164.117/EC0045.

wineo Bodenbelag Holzoptik hell in der Schiffssuite

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