"Our family business is centred on innovation and delivering sustainable product solutions to the market for more than 70 years.

This is why cradle to cradle is so fitting: it considers materials, products and corporate responsibility in their overall ecological impact. Product intelligence, as it were, modelled on nature. PURLINE organic flooring boasts Cradle to Cradle Silver accreditation and sets an example for healthy buildings.


We want to contribute to the wellbeing of people and places. For us, taking responsibility seriously means continuous development in terms of sustainable products and solutions - with a healthy dose of curiosity for ever new solutions and a commitment to doing things better. This is inherent in our corporate DNA.

Matthias Windmöller

Our future is green:

We make the world easier and more liveable with healthy and sustainable flooring solutions.

Windmöller corporate vision

Raw material selection and development

Bio instead of petrochemicals for the production of the high-performance composite material ecuran, which consists mainly of vegetable oils such as rapeseed or castor oil and naturally occurring mineral components such as chalk.

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7,000 T castor oil used per year

Renewable raw materials are very important in the production of PURLINE organic flooring. At our production site in Detmold, Germany, more than 7,000 tonnes of castor oil are processed per year. This makes it possible to produce a physiologically and toxicologically harmless soil solution.

3.6 million sqm PEFC coreboards

Only HDF coreboards from sustainable, careful and responsible forest management are used in our laminate and multilayer flooring. Here we use HDF coreboards that bear the PEFC seal of quality. Wood products bearing the PEFC seal of approval demonstrably originate from ecologically, economically and socially sustainable forestry. (PEFC/04-31-1435)

38,000 T of chalk and sand per year

Chalk and sand are also used as fillers at the Detmold site. Since chalk is absolutely harmless and is only ground for processing, it is ideally suited as a filler.

Global Footprint

As a manufacturer and producer, we are especially committed to environmental and climate protection. We bear ecological responsibility and try to playour part every day. We are conscious about how we use valuable energy resources and look to use renewable energy sources wherever possible. Both in the development and in the purchase of raw materials, we always look for the most ecologically viable solution.

950,000 kWh of self-generated solar energy per year.

At the Augustdorf and Detmold sites, we have installed state-of-the-art photovoltaic systems that supply our own production facilities with electricity, and feed unused energy into the public grid. On average, we generate a total of about 950,000 kWh per year ourselves, which would be enough to power more than 200 e-cars for an entire year.

Expansion of e-mobility

We rely on e-mobility for both production and internal transport, which we are constantly advancing.

6.500 T of CO2 savings per year

With the energy centre at the Augustdorf site, as well as energy generation through solar energy at the Augustdorf and Detmold sites, we achieve a total CO2 saving of 6,500 tonnes per year compared to conventional energy generation. That is our contribution to the environment.


Transparency is important to us. For this reason, the formulations of our ecuran-based products are tested and evaluated by independent institutes. This includes regular inspections by external testing bodies, such as EPEA (C2C) and TÜV Proficert. The results are consistently sustainable: emission values & ingredients of ecuran-based products meet the highest requirements - free from PVC, formaldehyde or plasticisers.

In addition, we draw up our own life cycle assessments for each production site. These help us to continuously reflect on our sustainability development.


Material health

PURLINE organic flooring is free from CMR ingredients (carcinogenic, mutagenic and reprotoxic substances) and complies with cradle to cradle emission standards.

All ecuran-based products have been Cradle to Cradle certified since 2018 and meet the highest requirements in these categories.

Use of renewable energy

100% climate-neutral energy is used in production.

Responsible use of waterResponsible use of water

No water is consumed in the production process and no sewage is produced (other than for sanitary purposes only).


PURLINE organic flooring is recyclable and contains a high proportion of rapidly renewable raw materials.

Social fairness

Socially responsible production of raw materials and above-average social standards for the benefit of employees.

Sustainabilty Network

We work collaboratively with partners and networks to initiate new and exciting sustainable ideas.

Sustainable Castor Association

Is an organisation that brings together castor industry stakeholders directly or indirectly involved in the castor oil supply chain to develop and implement standards for sustainable castor production.

Technologienetzwerk InnoZent OWL

InnoZent OWL is a technology network for sustainable business development through research, cooperation and innovation.

Initiative CirQuality OWL

Develops corridors of operation in production, trade and application so that the Circular Economy becomes established and develops further.

Founders Foundation Bielefeld

Implements a vibrant B2B startup ecosystem in Ostwestfalen-Lippe, Germany.

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