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Public + Education

Challenges in the Public + Education sectors

Playing in the corridors, studying in the library, working at your desk: in public buildings and educational institutions, the highest demands have always been placed on furniture and fittings. After all, children, learners and teachers, as well as constant public traffic, not only put a strain on tables, chairs and cupboards, but above all on one thing: the flooring.

The right flooring therefore plays a decisive role. It should be visually appealing and create a pleasant atmosphere. And of course, it should be free of plasticisers, extremely hard-wearing, durable and easy to clean. The PURLINE organic flooring is the all-rounder that effortlessly meets these and even more requirements.

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Children spend a large part of the day in classrooms. They should be bright and friendly, and offer a pleasant environment.

For an ideal classroom, PURLINE organic flooring offers:

  • An odour-neutral floor covering that does not cause any unpleasant odours
  • No added chlorine, no softeners and no solvents
  • Excellent room acoustics due to the elastic surface
  • An extensive range of designs including bespoke designs
  • Fast overnight renovations without mess and unpleasant odours
  • Low life-cycle costs with a saving of up to 30%



Corridors are the busiest areas in schools and public buildings. They must be able to withstand high volumes of people and soiling, while maintaining the highest level of hygiene.

For corridors and high traffic areas, PURLINE organic flooring offers:

  • Slip resistance up to level R10.
  • Easy cleaning and high dirt resistance
  • Abrasion resistance - no visual walkways can be seen
  • No added chlorine, no softeners and no solvents
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Public buildings

From museums to administrative buildings, public buildings are exposed to a high number of visitors. Flooring needs to be resilient and hard-wearing.

In addition, PURLINE organic flooring offers:

  • Comfort underfoot due to its elastic surface
  • No harmful substances released into the room air
  • First-class resilience
  • Slip-resistant up to level R10
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • High durability up to light industrial utilisation class
  • An extensive range of designs including bespoke designs
  • Quick and uncomplicated removal

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