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FAQ - PURLINE organic flooring

Frequently asked questions about the PURLINE organic floor. We will answer them!
  • What is PURLINE?

    PURLINE is a multiple award-winning and European certified, chlorine-free elastic floor covering, which is produced on the basis of renewable and natural raw materials. After years of development and research, the petrochemical raw materials could be replaced by biochemical ones.

  • What are the ingredients of PURLINE Organic Floor?

    PURLINE Organic Floor is based on ecuran, a high-performance composite material which is predominantly made from vegetable oils such as rapeseed or castor oil and naturally occurring mineral components such as chalk.

  • What interactions can there be between the PURLINE organic floor and other products?

    PURLINE is plasticizer and solvent-free. PURLINE has a very good solvent resistance and is also largely resistant to alkalis. Reactions with other products are very rare. In some cases, reactions can occur in contact with dyed chemical substances.

  • What are the emissions of PURLINE organic floor?

    PURLINE Organic Floor is (VOC) emission-free.


  • Which certificates does the PURLINE organic floor have?

    PURLINE has the Blue Angel, Greenguard Silver, TFI-TÜV PROFiCERT, the DGNB Navigator Label, the EPD Label of the German Institut Bauen und Umwelt e.V., the Finnish M1 for building products, the Danish Indoor Climate Label, the French A+ Seal, the eco bau Bais Schweiz rating and the American Floor Score Label.

  • What are the advantages of the PURLINE organic floor compared to other elastic floor coverings?

    PURLINE organic floor is odourless. PURLINE organic floor is very easy to clean (see also point below), resistant to alcohol and solvents, scratch-resistant and dimensionally stable.  In addition, it shows high stability under punctual loading and excellent recovery behaviour as well as very good UV resistance (see also point 11). Particularly remarkable are the natural raw materials, such as rapeseed and castor oil, which make PURLINE organic floor a proven environmentally friendly product.

  • How is the PURLINE organic floor cleaned?

    PURLINE organic floor is manufactured with a very hard-wearing PU top layer. The PU topcoat is extremely hard-wearing, requires little maintenance and reduces maintenance costs substantially. PURLINE organic floor is cleaned as needed at daily or longer intervals. Loose dirt can be removed by sweeping, vacuuming or damp wiping. Suitable microfibre wiping systems (e.g. Tronic or Sprint Ultra from Vermop) or impregnated fleece cloths are suitable for damp wiping. In the case of heavy soiling with adhering impurities, a PU cleaner is added to the cleaning water and the floor is freed from soiling in a two-stage wiping process.
    Alternatively, a suitable automatic scrubber-dryer with red cleaning pad, white melamine resin pad (e.g. from 3M) or soft scrub brush can be used.

  • Can the PURLINE organic floor be coated?

    PURLINE Organic Floor has a highly durable PU top layer as a surface that does not require any maintenance or coating. Should a coating nevertheless be applied, the highly compacted surface would have to be pre-treated abrasively beforehand, otherwise a coating would not last permanently.

  • How is the chemical and solvent resistance of PURLINE organic floor?

    PURLINE organic floor has a very good chemical resistance and is resistant to all surface disinfectants and transparent alcoholic skin disinfectants.
    All commercially available colourless DGHM-listed floor disinfectants for vinyl floor coverings are approved for the disinfection of PURLINE organic floors.

  • What is the optimal indoor climate for the PURLINE organic floor?

    PURLINE organic floor and all installation aids should be acclimatised for at least 24 hours before installation in the rooms to be laid under the following conditions:

    • Air temperature in the room > 18°C (but not more than 26°C)  
    • subfloor temperature > 15°C (not more than 22°C)  
    • Relative humidity 50-65%.
    • Please ensure a healthy room climate of approx. 20 °C at 50 - 65 % relative humidity during use!
  • How is the UV resistance of the PURLINE organic floor classified?

    PURLINE has a light fastness according to EN ISO 105-B02 of ≥ 7 (excellent).

  • Is the PURLINE organic floor suitable for conservatories?

    All wineo floor coverings have a very high light fastness. This is tested and documented by independent institutes in accordance with international standards. However, in areas with strong UV light exposure (floor-to-ceiling windows, conservatories) bleaching or colour changes cannot be excluded in the long term. Sufficiently dimensioned shading can prevent or minimise bleaching and colour changes.

  • Is the PURLINE organic floor suitable for humid rooms?

    Due to its very closed and wear-resistant transparent polyurethane top layer and the entire product structure, PURLINE Organic Floor is very suitable for use in damp rooms (kitchen, domestic bathroom, etc.). This applies to both the PURLINE sheeting and the PURLINE plank. However, it is important to note that in these areas glued products are preferable to clicked products. In the case of professionally bonded planks and sheets, moisture can only penetrate the joint areas or under the flooring after a very long period of exposure, even if the flooring is not jointed. In the case of heat welded floor coverings, the risk of damage caused by moisture penetrating from above is almost eliminated.