General information

  • Following the installation process, the floor covering must be protected against damage via suitable protective covers in areas that are regularly frequented during the construction phase.
  • Moisture trapped under items of furniture must be avoided.
  • Chairs, tables and furniture legs must be protected with suitable protector pads or underlay. As a guide, you can purchase these from Wagner System GmbH, or magiGLIDE In educational establishments, we recommend using protective pads supplied by VS-Möbelwerke As a precautionary measure, the lightest possible, non-migrating furniture gliders should be used.
  • Only use suitable chair and furniture castors in accordance with DIN EN 12529 (type "S"– soft). Chair castors as well as chair and furniture gliders must be regularly maintained. Contact areas of chair and furniture gliders must lie completely flat and be rounded at the edges. In the case of elastic floor coverings, high point loads on a small contact area can result in irreversible indentations or damage. If necessary, use suitable underlay to distribute loads.
  • The non-slip properties and safe-footing characteristics of floor coverings are significantly influenced by the application of dirt, cleaning frequency and the cleaning/maintenance products used. Please only use coordinated cleaning and maintenance products from one manufacturer. Abrasive cleaning powders, sanitary cleaners, acids and strong solvents can damage the covering surface of elastic floor coverings.
  • Stiletto heels and high-heeled shoes with a very small contact area can also damage and negatively affect elastic floor coverings.
  • Pigmented wound and hand disinfectants as well as hair dye or bleaching agents can cause irreversible discolouration. Contact with coloured chemicals and other dyed liquids or pastes should always be avoided or rather, in the event of contact, such substances should be removed from the surface of the floor covering as quickly as possible.

Stain removal

When treating stains with cleaning agents or stain removers, a material compatibility test must be carried out beforehand. The information and instructions provided by the manufacturer of the cleaning agent must be observed.

  • Rubber or plastic gliders and rollers as well as other dyed materials can discolour elastic floor coverings. Wherever possible, please use light, non-migrating furniture gliders, rollers and tyres.
  • Despite the high light resistance levels of products, continuous, intensive UV light irradiation can result in decors becoming discoloured. Ensure that there is a sufficient amount of shade at the sun-facing sides in particular.
  • In areas without or with only a low level of UV light incidence (e.g. storerooms or covered or heavily-furnished floor covering surfaces), it can result in yellow-looking discolouration for light colour combinations in particular. If the floor covering surface is re-introduced to natural UV light, the colour generally re-adapts to the original flooring colour after a certain period of time. The phenomenon mentioned above affects many materials and does not represent any material defect.
  • In the case of underfloor heating systems, it must be ensured that the surface temperature of the covering does not exceed 27°C.