Manufacturer's residential warranty (Herstellergarantie) of Windmöller GmbH for wineo 500 and 700 flooring collection!

Thank you for choosing a wineo®-product from Windmöller. We herewith provide to you a manufacturer’s warranty certificate for the product you have purchased. Windmöller GmbH undertakes an independent manufacturer's warranty (Herstellergarantie) in accordance with the following conditions:

1. No limitation of the statutory warranty rights

Our statutory warranty obligations (gesetzliche Gewährleistungspflichten) and the corresponding statutory warranty rights (gesetzliche Gewährleistungsrechte) are not affected by this manufacturer's warranty. However, our statutory warranty obligations and the corresponding warranty rights are not extended by this manufacturer's warranty either. Violations of this manufacturer's warranty do not constitute a defect (Sachmangel) in the sense of statutory warranty rights. The rights stated in this manufacturer's warranty conclusively represent the rights of the person entitled under this manufacturer’s warranty (herein also referred to as “warrantee”). Any further claims, in particular compensation for direct or indirect damages, are not covered by this manufacturer's warranty.

2. Warrantor

Warrantor is Windmöller GmbH, Nord-West-Ring 21, 32823 Augustdorf, Germany

3. Warrantee

The person entitled to a guarantee is the first purchaser resident in Germany who has purchased the wineo® product from a dealer for private use and has requested his personal guarantee certificate in accordance with our specifications at

4. Warranty period

The warranty period specified in item 5. depends on the respective collection. The warranty begins with the purchase of the product by the person entitled to the warranty. The date of purchase stated in the invoice represents the beginning of the warranty period. The warranty period is neither extended nor does it start anew by warranty services.

5. Scope and rights under this manufacturer's warranty

The warranty covers all 1st choice floor coverings in the wineo® product range as stated above. The warranty benefits vary depending on the particular collection and with regard to the refund of the purchase price or the replacement of the warranty service from the expired warranty period.

The properties guaranteed by this manufacturer's warranty, as advertised in the technical product data sheet, with regard to abrasion, stain resistance, UV resistance, locking system and product stability, can be found in the following explanations as well as in the warranty documents, which will be sent to the warranty beneficiary after requesting his personal warranty certificate (see point 3).

ABRASION: according to DIN EN 13329:2017-12

According to this standard, in accordance with and within the limits of DIN EN 13329, there is a guarantee of the ability of the decorative surface to resist rubbing through to the underlayer as soon as the decorative layer is completely removed by at least one square centimeter. When testing a hard floor covering, the friction wheel pair is covered with sandpaper. When these tests are carried out, our floor coverings are forced to wear through. Depending on the usage class (= combination of application area and usage intensity), our surfaces achieve the required resistance values. Abrasion marks on the panel edges are excluded from the warranty.

SPOT RESISTANCE: according to EN 438

Our products are guaranteed against very low staining according to and within the limits of EN 438. A prerequisite for the very low soiling behavior is compliance with our product-specific usage and care guidelines, which you can also request from us at any time.

wineo 500 and 700 are resistant to staining substances according to EN 438.


The guarantee applies to the resistance of the decorative surface to artificially produced light according to DIN EN ISO 105-B02, which imitates natural sunlight. A sample is exposed to irradiation under the regulated conditions together with a set of reference materials. The light fastness is evaluated on the basis of the change in color of the test sample with the reference materials used. wineo 500 and 700 are, however, not completely light resistant.


The guarantee is for a stable locking system, without the breaking out of the main locking elements. The condition for the guarantee is the installation of the flooring according to our installation instructions, which you can also request from us at any time.


The products are constructed and connected in several layers. The permanent connection of the individual layers is guaranteed. The prerequisite for this is a load corresponding to the intended use classification as well as cleaning in accordance with our cleaning and care recommendation, which maintains the useful value.

If the person entitled to warranty has a claim against us under this manufacturer's warranty because a guaranteed property is not present within the warranty period, we shall provide one of the following services as an alternative at our discretion, whereby, with the exception of the delivery of a wineo® product similar to a decor, the following services shall be limited to the part of the wineo® product where the guaranteed properties are not present:

  • 1. repair; or
  • 2. delivery of replacement goods. Delivery of replacement goods shall be made to the original point of sale. When delivering replacement goods, we will endeavor to deliver the same goods as the defective wineo® product. If this is not possible, for example because the design is no longer available, we can alternatively supply a decor-like wineo® product, whereby the decor similarity is left to our discretion. Should we supply a decor-similar wineo® product instead of the same, we shall be obliged to supply replacement goods for the entire room concerned; or
  • 3. reimbursement of the purchase price paid by the warranty beneficiary for the defective wineo® product depending on the expired warranty period in accordance with the following table:
Product Warranty time Warranty extension when using the suitable wineo PU underlay mat Reimbursement of the purchase price paid by the warrantee for the defective wineo®-product/compensation for the defective wineo®-product depending on the expired warranty period
wineo 500/700 25 years + 5 years The compensation in the event of a warranty claim is reduced annually by 1/25 based on the value of the floor covering. e.g.: 0 up to 1 year: 225/25 1 up to 2 years: 24/25 … … 23 up to 24 years: 2/25 24 up to 25 years: 1/25

6. Further warranty conditions; exclusions

The flooring must be installed in accordance with the enclosed installation instructions. Only wineo® original accessories may be used in the process. Unsuitable subfloor/surface preparation, improper installation or use, as well as any violation of the above specifications will void the warranty. After the floor covering has been properly installed in accordance with the manufacturer's specifications, it must be treated in accordance with the manufacturer's cleaning and maintenance recommendations, using only approved cleaning materials.

Wear and tear, damage due to improper installation, unsuitable cleaning, care or maintenance, as well as normal signs of use do not justify any claims under this manufacturer's warranty. Installation instructions as well as cleaning and maintenance recommendations can be requested from us and are available at

The goods must be checked for defects before installation. If defects are visible and the goods were nevertheless laid, no rights can be claimed under this manufacturer's warranty.

Attempts to rectify defects carried out by the customer himself or the commissioning of third parties to rectify defects will result in the loss of rights under this warranty.

We may make the provision of warranty services conditional upon our being allowed to inspect the affected products.

7. Procedure for asserting rights under this manufacturer's warranty

If the person entitled to warranty wishes to assert rights under this manufacturer's warranty, the person entitled to warranty must send a written or text (including e-mail) claim to the following address, enclosing proof of purchase and pictures, within 30 days after the defect is discovered:

Windmöller GmbH
Nord-West-Ring 21
32832 Augustdorf

8. No participation in a dispute settlement procedure before a consumer mediation institution

We hereby inform you that we are not willing and also not obliged to participate in a dispute resolution procedure before a consumer arbitration board.