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Sustainability of wineo laminate floors



Laminate flooring comes under the category of sustainable floor coverings and quite rightly, as it is made of wood and wood fibres.

Our wineo laminate flooring is 90% wood, and it is also very important to us that the wood comes from local, sustainably managed forests. This is also confirmed by the PEFC seal, which all of our laminate floors bear on request and which is committed to promoting sustainable forestry and regularly checks this under strict guidelines.

In addition, a large proportion of the wood that is used to manufacture our laminate flooring comes from the sawmill industry and uses wood waste.

Our laminate is “100% made in Germany” with all the required components originating from Germany, close to our production site in Augustdorf (North Rhine-Westphalia) – which means short transportation distances.


Product components

wineo laminate floors are also notable for their particularly high resilience. This is ensured by a special, multi-layer structure.

The different components can be roughly divided into three layers:

Overlay + decor paper

The wear layer consists of a particularly durable melamine resin overlay, which is the basis for the classification into the corresponding areas of application.

The decor paper printing, which enables us to produce the different designs, uses up-to-the-minute technology which is free from harmful dyes and pigments.

Core board

The HDF core board is the basis of our laminate flooring and contributes significantly to the product’s stability. This is where we find the largest proportion of wood in the laminate, as the HDF core consists of highly compressed wood fibres.


The melamine resin backing helps to balance the product and guarantees a high degree of dimensional stability.

But is melamine resin completely safe?

Yes! The melamine resin we use is water based and therefore free from organic solvents. After curing, it creates a surface that is extremely resistant to chemicals, water, organic solvents, light and temperature. The formaldehyde contained in the melamine resin is bound inseparably into the resin structure during curing and therefore cannot escape into the ambient air.



In addition to the properties such as durability and easy care, our laminate flooring is odourless and low in harmful substances. This is substantiated by the A+ mark, which is awarded after the emission values of the floor coverings have been evaluated under very strict guidelines. All our wineo laminate floors pass with the top mark of A+.

In addition to the A+ mark and the PEFC, wineo laminate flooring has also been awarded the following certificates:

  • Blue Angel
  • TFI TÜV-Proficert PREMIUM
  • CE-marking


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wineo is an active member of the European Producers of Laminate Flooring (EPLF). You can find more information on sustainability here: