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For maximum moisture resistance with wineo laminate floors

Laminate flooring of the wineo 300 and wineo 500 collections produced as of 01.01.2019 are equipped with the worldwide unique Aqua-Stop technology as standard. The Aqua-Stop technology was presented and introduced to the market for the first time at Domotex 2018 with the wineo "Rock ´n Go" collection, the performance laminate flooring.

Aqua-Stop technology explained in the video

All wineo laminate floorings are approved for use in damp rooms, as they are protected against liquids and moisture by the new Aqua-Stop technology. Convince yourself of the new Aqua-Stop technology in the following comparison:
Container on the left: Multivitamin tablet (straight, without sealant)
Container middle; multivitamin tablet coated with Aqua-Protect edge sealant
Container on the right: Multivitamin tablet coated with the new Aqua-Stop edge sealant
The left multivitamin tablet is dissolved after seconds, the process is delayed by approx. 10 minutes in the central container due to Aqua-Protect sealing. The multivitamin tablet in the right container hardly dissolves at all over many hours due to the new Aqua-Stop sealing. Our new Aqua-Stop technology thus protects the floor optimally against moisture, which is why wineo laminate flooring is ideally suited for damp rooms.

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