wineo Designboden Treppe Treppenlösung Holzoptik

wineo stair nosings

Beautiful appearance - and a plus in safety

Steps are only in the dark, draughty stairwell? Maybe in the past. Today, stairs are often integrated into the open, modern living space, and the demands on aesthetics are correspondingly high. With the prefabricated stair nosings from wineo - in the same decor as the floor covering - steps and flooring become a dream team.

It's not just the appearance that fits: the non-slip surface (anti-slip step R9) of the stair nosings also reduces the risk of falling compared to lacquered wooden staircases. A plus in safety, especially for families with children - and all rooms through which life rages.

wineo Treppenkante Kind auf Treppe spielt mit Laub nass barfuß

Openly integrated into the apartment, such a staircase is a great place to sit, play and discover.

Treppe Stiefel Laub nass wineo Treppenkante

Good if the stair nosings are just as decorative and non-slip as the rest of the floor.


"The nosings of the stairs can easily be cut by hand with a jigsaw or circular saw and are laid in no time at all."

Patrick, professional for skirting boards, stairs and profiles