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PU-acoustic system | wineo soundPROTECT Profi SD 5,5 m²

wineo soundPROTECT impact sound insulation | 8.0 m x 1.0 m x 2.0 mm = 8.0 m² 40 rolls in container packaging on EURO pallet = 320.0 m²
Item no.: UPU100SD
Sous-couche soundPROTECT PROFI SD | 3 mm Underlay mat soundPROTECT PROFI SD | 3 mm The...more
Product information "PU-acoustic system | wineo soundPROTECT Profi SD 5,5 m²"

Sous-couche soundPROTECT PROFI SD | 3 mm

Underlay mat soundPROTECT PROFI SD | 3 mm

The all-rounder with long-life performance

quiet, efficient, for a stable click connection

The soundPROTECT PROFI SD impact sound insulation with a thickness of 3 mm is the perfect solution as impact sound insulation and acoustic mat for all hard floor coverings such as laminate and parquet. We particularly recommend the soundPROTECT PROFI SDin connection with our laminate floors wineo 300, wineo 500 and wineo 550.

This underlay mat consists of up to 90 % renewable raw materials and is our sustainable solution in the field of impact sound insulation and underlays.

In addition to mineral fillers, we use rapeseed oil and castor oils - environmentally friendly and harmless to health. A sustainable protection for the environment and for comfortable room acoustics.

We recommend the soundPROTECT PROFI SD underlay mat as footfall sound insulation if there is no factory-laminated underlay mat on the laminate floor, or if you want to use this underlay mat as footfall sound insulation for your parquet floor.

The soundPROTECT PROFI SD underlay mat offers an even better impact sound reduction compared to the 2 mm version and also achieves better values in the walking sound reduction. With this underlay mat even minimal uneven spots can be compensated.

The soundPROTECT PROFI SD can also be laid directly on mineral substrates (e.g. screed), you do not need an additional PE vapour barrier and thus save an additional work step during installation.  All you have to do is glue the sheets of the underlay mat to the joint edges with the wineo Combi sealing tape.

Fast, energy-efficient distribution of floor heat
Optimally suited for underfloor heating
Long-life performance of at least 30 years
Certified sustainability
Excellent noise reduction on hard and soft floors
Made with ecuran
Sustainable raw materials
Without chlorine, plasticizers and solvents
Integrated vapour barrier when gluing the joint edges with Combi sealing tape

Technical features soundPROTECT PROFI SD

Base material: ecuran (bio-polyurethane)
PU = 40 rolls / pallet
Minimum order quantity = 1 roll /5.5 m²
Thickness: 3 mm | Width: 1 m | Length: 5.5 m | Weight: 2.8 kg / m²
Impact sound reduction: ~ 20 dB
Walking noise emission: ~ 31 %
Thermal resistance: 0.01(m²K)/W
SD value: > 75 m

For further information please refer to our technical data sheet.