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Selbstklebematte Doubleglue

wineo doubleGLUE | Self-adhesive mat | 6.5 m x 1.0 m x 1.8 mm | 6.5 m² | Perfect alternative to liquid adhesive | 40 rolls/pallet
Item no.: KPU1050
wineo doubleGLUE - The perfect solution for a quick, sustainable and clean floor installation....more
Product information "Selbstklebematte Doubleglue"

wineo doubleGLUE - The perfect solution for a quick, sustainable and clean floor installation.

Self-adhesive on top, adhesive underneath, can be walked on immediately.

The innovative solution for the simple and effective installation of floor coverings to glue. A strong reduction in footfall and walking noise is achieved by the system with double-sided adhesion and therefore also ensures maximum stability. This makes wineo doubleGLUE perfect for areas with high demands on room acoustics, such as hotel rooms or corridors.

The double-sided adhesion also enables jointless installation, which has the advantage of being able to do without expansion joints between the rooms. This not only creates a visually cohesive overall appearance, but also simplifies the installation of the floor covering without having to bear any losses in performance.

wineo doubleGLUE is the ideal solution for commercial and industrial applications covering large areas of up to 400m². Thanks to the unique PU composite material ecuran and the low thermal resistance, wineo doubleGLUE is particularly energy-efficient and conducts the floor heat quickly into the room. These properties make it a fast and effective option for use on large areas.


wineo doubleGLUE - advantages at a glance


  • Simply clean: professional floor bonding without the use of liquid adhesive
  • Excellent sound insulation: Additional footfall and walking noise reduction compared to conventional adhesion
  • Suitable for use on underfloor heating systems
  • Low emission: does not release any harmful substances into the room air
  • Sustainably produced in Germany! Made with ecuran
  • Minimal substrate preparation according to manufacturer's specifications
  • Extremely quick and residue-free removal
  • Consistent cost saving
  • Can be walked on immediately

Perfectly matches wineo 800 design flooring for gluing and PURLINE organic flooring wineo 1000 | wineo 1200 | wineo 1500 for gluing


Technical data

Recommended use: private living areas + commercial areas | utilisation class 23/32
Material: ecuran (bio-polyurethane)
Rolls / pallet: 40 / 260 m²
Roll: 6,5 m²
Thickness: 1.8 mm
Width: 1.0 m
Length: 6,5 m
Weight: 2.6 kg/m²
Impact sound reduction: up to 13 dB (± 2 dB)
Walking sound reduction: up to 6 % (± 2 %)
Thermal resistance: 0.01 m²K/W
Residual indentation: < 0.20 mm
Compressive strength: > 55 t/m² (> 550 kPa)
Impact load: ~ 750 mm
Utilisation classes EN ISO 10874: 23/32

When using a wineo PERFECT FIT PU underlay mat (singleGLUE, doubleGLUE, soundPROTECT, soundSTOP, silentCOMFORT, silentPREMIUM, silentPLUS or silentRIGID) for the matching wineo floor product, the wineo guarantee is extended by 5 years.