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Application areas

Versatile - just like the flooring

wineo design flooring for gluing or clicking in is suitable for residential, commercial and light manufacturing applications. With utilisation classes between 23 and 42, design flooring is a great choice – whether it's for your home or a busy building. Ranging in thickness from 2 mm to 9 mm, design flooring can be installed on virtually any appropriate substrate.

Design flooring for living areas

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For rooms in the home, customers mainly prefer to use design flooring for clicking in – it is hard-wearing, low-maintenance, pleasantly warm underfoot and quick to install thanks to our unique Fold-Down technology.

Design flooring for high humidity areas

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Our design flooring is characterised by its closed and easy-to-clean surface, making it also ideal for use in kitchens and bathrooms – areas where we particularly recommend the use of design flooring for gluing. In addition to the popular tile look, warm wood designs offer a wide range of design options for high humidity areas.

Design flooring in the hotel and catering industry

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In this sector, wineo design flooring impresses as a result of being easy to clean and maintain as well as being extremely durable. In contrast to many other elastic or textile coverings, travel paths do not begin to show, meaning that the floor maintains its homely character and still looks like new after years of use.

Design flooring for offices and administrative departments

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With all the characteristics of an elastic covering, our design flooring is the ideal solution for offices and administrative buildings too. The soft surface is gentle on the ankles and softens the noise of footsteps. Additionally, using a noise-absorbing mat can optimally reduce the sound levels of peoples' steps.

Design flooring in retail spaces

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Thanks to its surface seal and various wear layers, wineo design flooring is very resilient and also withstands high loads in highly frequented retail spaces.