Design Flooring wineo 800 stone

Confident in style. Making an impact.

High-quality, flexible and always very stylish – the 0.55 mm thick wear layer is not the only reason why the new wineo 800 design floors are ideally suited to commercial buildings and private living areas. They create highlights, accentuate atmospheres and provide the space that is necessary.

The 10 stone decors are available for gluing and clicking in. The click-in version is particularly impressive thanks to its real joints for selected decors, which produce a particularly authentic surface effect. In addition to the classic slate and marble designs, particularly modern, industrial-style, large-format concrete looks are also available.

The following decors are available with a real joint:

Heavy Metal DLC00084
Dark Slate DLC00085
Art Concrete DLC00086
Silver Slate DLC00087
Copper Slate DLC00091
Light Sand DLC00095

An overview of wineo 800 stone

  • 0.55 mm wear layer
  • PU surface finish
  • Phthalate-free
  • Suitable for high humidity areas
  • Suitable for laying on underfloor heating
  • Available for gluing and clicking in
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wineo 800 stone XL
Copper Slate
wineo 800 stone XL
Silver Slate
wineo 800 stone XL
Heavy Metal
wineo 800 stone XL
White Marble
wineo 800 stone XL
Calm Concrete
wineo 800 stone XL
Raw Concrete
wineo 800 stone XL
Light Sand
wineo 800 stone XL
Rough Concrete
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