wineo Laminatboden OSB-Design mit Band und Schriftzug

wineo Rock'n'Go Performance laminate flooring

Performance laminate flooring

Flexible, easy to install and proven a thousand times – laminate flooring is the uncomplicated solution for everyone who wants it not just beautiful, but also quick. Laminate flooring is ideally suited for almost every room. With the special edition of Rock’n’go, wineo is making it even more comfortable. Because the innovative laminate-flooring solution has everything you need right there.

Enjoying life to the full, full throttle and no compromises – Rock’n’Go is the laminate flooring that simply rocks. Complete, uncomplicated and innovative. Make your life the ultimate stage. With Rock’n’Go, you’ve got everything you need: a complete system that joins in everywhere and excuses almost everything. It’s no big deal if something goes wrong now and again. That’s because Rock’n’Go is particularly noiseless, has maximum moisture resistance and is delivered in such a way that it can be installed immediately and simply. That rocks!


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HIGH-QUALITY EQUIPMENT Performance laminate flooring – Rock’n’Go consists of our best laminate flooring and the innovative Sound-Stop Layer. This layer can be installed directly onto the prepared subsurface. Because the layer is already integrated, you won’t need any PE foil. That doesn’t just rock; it‘s also exceptionally fast.


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UNIQUE STAGE OUTFITS Rock’n’Go convinces with authentic wood designs and an absolute insensitivity with regard to scratching. The floor also looks as good as it did following initial installation years later. Whether it’s rustic mat, rough mat or using the new OSB structure, the planks measuring 1288 x 195 and 9 mm thick are always convincing. With the all-round V4 joint, your floor will receive a uniquely genuine-wood appearance with a strong country house flooring character.


Mann mit T-Shirt auf dem CREW steht

GREAT CREW 100% made in Germany, up to 90% certified sustainable materials and a 25-year guarantee, – with Rock’n’Go you get the best laminate flooring produced by wineo so far.



The new Aqua-Stop technology keeps Rock’n’Go protected from liquids and moisture. Imperceptible quelling – up to four times less than with conventional flooring.


Thanks to the melanine resin overlays, Rock’n’Go is
child’s play to clean.



No further material needs – thanks to its Install
Ready technology, Rock’n’Go is directly ready  
and as a result quick to install.


Thanks to Aqua-Stop technology, Rock‘n‘Go is also
exceptionally suited for wet rooms.


Extremely quiet sound behaviour thanks to the new Sound-Stop technology. Rock‘n‘Go is up to 40 % quieter than conventional laminate flooring –  
comparable to a high-quality parquet installation.


Rock’n’Go can be installed without any problems
onto an underfloor heating system.


Rock’n’Go is stain resistant. Even furniture or chair
castors leave no traces.


Even when exposed to sunshine, the Rock’n’Go
laminate flooring does not change thanks to its high UV- resistance.


The static charge of the surface, for example with
dry room air, is reduced and dust does not adhere  to the surface



Icon Laminatboden Sound-Stop-Technologie

The adhesive fixation of the innovative layer that goes directly to the subsurface corresponds to state of the art technology and makes the floor particularly quiet.


Icon Laminatboden Aqua-Stop-Technologie mit 3 Wassertropfen

Low-resource HDF core board with new edge sealing for maximum moisture resistance.


Icon Laminatboden Install-Ready-Technologie

Already complete and ready for immediate installation thanks to its self-adhesive product backing.


  • Abrasion resistance: AC5
  •  Utilisation class 23: Heavy-duty use in the domestic area
  • Utilisation class 33: Heavy -duty use in the commercial sector
  • 25-year guarantee (for private use)
  • Fold-Down locking
  • Authentic joint design (V4)
  • with selected decors

See the effects of our Aqua-Stop technology

All performance laminate flooring has been approved for use in damp areas. The Aqua-Stop technology protects against liquids and moisture.  Through the use of a tablet test comparison we can show how the Aqua-Stop technology works.

  • Left glass container: Multivitamin tablet (pure, without a seal)
  • Middle glass container: Multivitamin tablet coated with Aqua-Protect edge sealing 
  • Right glass container: Multivitamin tablet coated with the new Aqua-Stop edge sealing

The multivitamin in the left container dissolves within seconds, whereas the dissolution in the middle container is delayed by approximately 10 minutes.  This is due to the Aqua-Protect sealing. The multivitamin tablet in the right container is left for many hours. Even after this long period of observation, the level of dissolution is almost non-visible.

This strongly reduced level of dissolution is a result of our Aqua-Stop edge sealing.  Our new Aqua-Stop technology protects the flooring, in an optimum manner, from dampness and that’s why Rock’n’Go is optimally suited for damp areas. 

Experience the effects of our Sound-Stop technology

Thanks to our Sound-Stop technology Rock’n’Go is as quiet as a glued parquet floor. Listen for yourself!

All wineo Rock’n’Go laminate floors have an integrated Sound-Stop Layer which ensures that the flooring is particularly quiet. 

By peeling off the protective film, the performance laminate flooring is fixed to the subsurface, thus ensuring extra quiet sound behaviour.  Rock’n’Go is up to 40% quieter than conventional laminate flooring. It is also comparable to a high quality parquet installation. 

See the benefits of our Install Ready technology

All wineo Rock’n’Go laminate flooring is equipped with Install Ready technology.  That means, thanks to its self-adhesive Sound-Stop Layer, the floors are complete and ready to be laid.  As a result you are saving both time and money.  You no longer need to additionally lay an impact sound installation to the subsurface because this has been integrated into our Rock ‘n’ Go laminate flooring.

Here’s how it works:  You simply pull off the protective film from the Sound-Stop Layer.  Next, the panel must be aligned with the surface before being lowered with light pressure. Thanks to its adhesive coating, the panel fixates directly to the prepared surface. Remove the protective film from the following set of panels and place them onto the installed panels at a 30° angle. Be sure that the head joint is correctly positioned before you set the panel with light pressure. Finished!


Icon Laminatboden Produktaufbau Querschnitt Laminatboden mit System
  1. Surface structure

    Different surface embossings provide an extremely high level of authenticity.

  2. Wear layer

    The particularly robust melamine resin overlay is the basis for classification into the appropriate fields of application.

  3. Decor

    The decor paper offers a diverse range of design possibilities

  4. Core board

    The highly compressed HDF core board is swell-resistant.

  5. Profile connection

    Thanks to its Fold-Down locking function, the product is very simple and quick to install.

  6. Aqua-Stop profile seal

    The innovative profile seal protects the entire sealing system from moisture and is consequently highly moisture-resistant.

  7. Backing

    The melamine resin backing serves to balance and guarantees high form stability.

  8. Sound-Stop Layer

    All products have an integrated Sound-Stop Layer including protective film. When the protective film has been removed, the former is fixed firmly to the subsurface. Consequently, both he walking and impact sound levels of the floor are dramatically reduced.

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