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Best ingredients for modern living

Extraordinary design, genuine homeliness and good installation properties – a modern floor should be able to fulfil all this today. But it should also be something else: genuinely sustainable. For this reason wineo 1000, the PURLINE organic flooring for the home, is consciously made of natural raw materials. And above all completely without the addtiton of plasticisers, solvents and chlorine. Naturally PURLINE organic flooring withstands an awful lot nevertheless, is proven to be durable and is easy to clean. Simply the modern all-round talent for any home.  wineo 1000 – quality + sustainability “Made in Germany”.

Modern, refined, puristic. 8 authentic stone decors are available to choose from and fulfil the highest demands of modern living. Particularly suitable for uncomplicated people and DIY enthusiasts: wineo 1000 for clicking in. Thanks to the Connect® locking system, it is easy to do by hand – and all without glue or time-consuming preparation of the subfloor. Particularly practical: the next time you move, you could quite simply take your favourite floor with you thanks to the floating installation.

wineo 1000 stone at a glance

  • 8 modern stone finishes in plank format
  • Installed in no time at all thanks to the Connect locking system – without glue
  • Very durable and easy care. Even heavy furniture and chair castors cannot make a traceable impression on the organic flooring
  • Odour-neutral and harmless to health, as without the addition of chlorine, solvents and plasticisers
  • Gentle on the ankles, warm to the feet and thanks to the soft surface particularly suitable for pleasant room acoustics
  • Suitable for damp areas and underfloor heating and hence a genuinely uncomplicated all-rounder
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