wineo PURLINE Bioboden Verlegearten Erklärung

PURLINE for clicking in or for gluing

To glue or click in? Choose the installation type you need!

wineo 1000, the ecological floor covering is now also available as a click and multi-layer version in addition to the adhesive version. And that means maximum flexibility for every home.

PURLINE for clicking in

PURLINE planks are especially ideal for smaller spaces, such as living rooms as they are easy to handle and require almost no prep work. Furthermore, to make enhancing your rooms sustainably even easier, our environmentally friendly and innovative flooring solution is now also available for clicking in – with our specially developed Fold-Down technology, the flooring is just as easy and quick to install as our design flooring. The advantages are clear: PURLINE for clicking in is installed exceptionally fast thanks to our Fold-Down locking technology – a process that doesn’t involve any unpleasant odours, dirty hands or construction noise as you’ll only need a cutter knife and a white rubber hammer to get the job done. The flooring can be walked on straight away and is also easy to remove, giving you maximum flexibility in terms of design and renovation.

PURLINE for gluing

Of course, we also offer PURLINE planks for gluing. This is a design that is always particularly practical when the toughest demands are placed on the functionality and durability of the floor covering, as thanks to its strong bond to the subsurface, the flooring is protected against distortion and thereby also withstands heavy loads without being affected in the slightest. If you would like to install flooring in especially large areas, the rolled version of PURLINE is ideal: supplied in the standard format–2-m wide and 20-m long–the design means that particularly large spaces can also be covered quickly and in a sustainable manner. Using a hooked blade, you can easily cut out the recesses required. Thanks to the low installation height of maximum 2.5 mm, both types are also ideal for renovation work and refurbishments – in areas that are frequented particularly regularly too.

Both designs are easy to install and the process doesn't result in any mess: Simply apply glue, position the planks on the glue and then make the finishing touches.

PURLINE for clicking in as Multi-Layer

PURLINE is also ideal for your home as a multi-layer in XXL plank format. The particularly robust and extremely easy-care multi-layer consists of a special selection of 10 wood decors and brings a feel-good atmosphere into your own home. With its 9 mm construction height, you can easily bridge uneven surfaces thanks to the robust HDF support - making it particularly suitable for quick renovation work. Thanks to its Fold-Down locking system, it can be installed as quickly as PURLINE for clicked in. The integrated insulation mat reduces walking and impact noise so that you have a low background noise level in your home.

Please note: All flooring must acclimatise to a temperature of >18°C in the room where it is to be installed for at least 24 hours before installation. Keep the packages in a flat position and on a clean, dry and even substrate. The corresponding installation instructions give detailed guidance.