Product advantages

A floor mostly made of natural raw materials – an impressive feature that pleases a great many people. What’s more, PURLINE flooring is incredibly resistant as well.

PURLINE – eco-friendly? (Eco)logically!

PURLINE organic flooring – eco-friendly? (Eco)logically! It’s probably the most environmentally friendly resilient floor covering on the market today. It is mostly made of natural and renewable materials and is the perfect solution for a variety of situations and applications.

  • Made with ecuran
  • Contains canola oil or castor oil as binding agents
  • With no chlorine, plasticisers or solvents
  • Odour-neutral and virtually emission-free as a matter of course
  • Easy to dispose of in a natural manner
  • As a result: winner of numerous awards, prizes and certificates

Extremely durable and resilient

PURLINE organic flooring is highly resistant to mechanical and chemical influences and does not fade in the sun.

  • Unique composition
  • Patented expertise
  • Excellent workmanship
  • Almost 100% recovery rate
  • Extremely high UV resistance

Repels dirt and is low-maintenance

Dirt and chemical substances simply roll off PURLINE organic flooring. Its compact surface is easy to keep hygienically clean, which saves time and stress.

  • Dirt and scuff marks removed easily and completely
  • Compatible with all conventional cleaning agents
  • Extremely easy to disinfect

Long-lasting and uniquely economical

PURLINE organic flooring is very long-lasting and really impresses thanks to its significantly lower life-cycle costs compared to other elastic floors. Quality verified through durability testing.

  • No visible wear after mechanical load tests
  • Up to 30% savings on cleaning and resource costs over a 20-year period
  • Particularly economical and practical in heavily frequented areas

Tested and high quality

PURLINE organic flooring really impresses thanks to its long-lasting high quality and excellent environmental compatibility as well as fulfilling the strictest fire protection requirements. 

  • Numerous sustainable and structural engineering certifications
  • Design/innovation – winner of multiple awards and prizes
  • 100% made in Germany