Hotel + Hospitality
PURLINE organic flooring
Heinrich-Nordhoff-Str. 2
38440 Wolfsburg

Used decor:

  • wineo Purline Bioboden Rollenware Steindekor hell

    Metropolitan | 620 qm

    PURLINE stone XL
  • wineo Purline Bioboden Rollenware Steindekor dunkel

    Puro Carbon | 500 qm

    PURLINE stone XL

2,000 square metres of Purline organic flooring in the fashionable INNSIDE Hotel

The elegant Innside business hotel is a popular urban lifestyle location at the heart of Wolfsburg. With its exclusive facilities and location, the superior 4-star hotel owned by the Spanish Melià Group is not only an ideal place to stay for exploring the city, it is also the perfect base for discerning business guests. Five conference rooms offering flexible options make it an ideal hotel for all types of business meetings. When it came to designing and choosing the best floor for the 2,000 square metres of corridor and circulation areas, Purline organic flooring, produced by Windmöller, was the perfect choice.

The design by architect Sergei Tchopan (NPS Tchopan Voss Architekten, Hamburg) integrates the building with a semi-public glass hall on the ground floor into the surrounding urban space. The hotel has 219 rooms and suites on six floors, with exclusive furnishings and fittings and clear views of the surrounding city attractions.

The architect delivered the connection between the history of the hotel’s development with the famous VW company in Wolfsburg in their design of the interior public areas. The walls of the corridors are covered with full height photographic images from the Volkswagen era. The reduction of the colour palette to black and white for walls, doors and floors emphasises the effect of the monochrome photographs.

When it came to selecting the perfect flooring for the corridors, the architect and hotel stakeholders decided on durable, low maintenance, permanently elastic flooring. A product that also naturally enhances the acoustic performance of every area and the only product to use was from the wineo PURLINE organic flooring collection, manufactured in Germany by Windmöller.
Nearly 2,000 square metres were installed in 1,000 x 500 millimetre XL plank formats across a range of decors to deliver a stunning aesthetic effect.

The organic polyurethane flooring PURLINE meets demanding international criteria (Cradle to Cradle, Blue Angel...) that ensures clean, odour free room environments. The basis of this is ecuran, the high-performance composite material, which primarily consists of renewable, natural raw materials and fillers - without the addition of chlorine, without plasticisers and without solvents.

It is odourless, compatible with underfloor heating technology and has excellent recovery and resilience properties. In terms of fire behaviour, PURLINE burns very cleanly and without toxic gases, so escape routes remain visible and safe.

Purline is not just eco-friendly and sustainable, but is also economic during the course of its useful life. The unique material composition delivers a sealed surface that ensures easy, quick and hygienic cleaning, which saves time, staff and cleaning costs. According to an independent study by the Pfiff Institute, PURLINE organic flooring delivers up to 30 percent savings compared with other permanently elastic floor coverings.