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Clean the flooring correctly

Cleaning the flooring with the wineo cleaning set

Clean flooring with the wineo cleaning set

Floor cleaning and maintenance can sometimes be quite stressful when using the wrong care products or even the wrong detergents. The wineo cleaning set can be used for all floor coverings and enables easy, quick and environmentally friendly cleaning.

Due to the daily use of the floor, it goes without saying that dirt accumulates on the surface. These are usually loose dirt, such as dust or mud, but even deeper impurities are sometimes unavoidable.

With the wineo cleaning set, you have everything you need for a clean floor immediately at hand. It contains a PU cleaner (multi-purpose cleaner), a spray bottle, a high-quality microfibre wipe cover and a wipe cover holder with handle.

The following video will show you how to achieve an optimal cleaning result with our cleaning set.

The flooring keeps beautiful for a long time

Fine mist spray is sufficient

Spray the microfibre with the spray bottle and get started. Wet wiping is only necessary with stubborn dirt, such as when a glass of juice tips over.

Use multi-purpose cleaners

They cancel out the surface tension of the water. This is how it gets into the dirt structure and can reach dirt in the depressions.

Use microfibre

Wiping covers made from microfibres reach the dirt in every floor groove. Although cotton mops are widely used, but their loops do not adapt as well to the flooring structure. They absorb dirt less effectively.

Clean with the direction of the plank or structure.

The wiper also pulls the dirt out of the recesses.

They should set up clean-walking areas. This reduces dirt in the building by up to 80%. In this way the cleaning effort is also reduced, especially in the building.