Installation of wineo floor coverings on underfloor heating systems

In principle, wineo floor coverings, laminate flooring and vinyl flooring can be installed on heated screed.
This also applies to electric underfloor heating systems (where necessary, consult the wineo application technology team; tel. 05237 609530) provided that the system in question is a storage heating system–i.e. a system featuring heating elements in or under the floor–and the temperature changes gradually. As there are a great many different systems and features on the market, Wineo assumes no liability for heating systems used in conjunction with wineo floor coverings. To this end, the manufacturer of the heating system is solely responsible.

When installing the floor covering, a number of data sheets apply, including the currently valid consultative documents supplied by the German federal association of screed and floor covering: Assessment and preparation of substrates, as of February 2002, as well as technical information provided by the German central association of sanitation, heating and air-conditioning regarding interface coordination for heated floor constructions. In particular, it must be ensured that the surface temperature of the covering does not exceed 26°C at any time. This also applies to the respective heating-up period. In addition to the function record, the heating protocol is imperative. This also applies to older heated screed systems.

Furthermore, a "CM measurement" must be carried out at designated measurement points in the floor – if present. The residual moisture level for cement screed must be <1.8 CM % and no more than < 0.3 CM % for anhydride screed. It is highly advisable to have the composition of the screed confirmed in writing by the customer in order to determine the correct measurement method.

A vapour barrier in the form of a PE film with a minimum thickness of 0.2 mm must always be placed between the floor and the floor covering. Alternatively, this vapour barrier can be integrated into a freely selectable intermediate layer. When selecting an intermediate layer, make sure that it exhibits a sufficiently low heat-transfer-resistance value of 0.6 Km²/W. Please note: for systems with an integrated sound insulation mat (e.g. soundPROTECT), an additional intermediate layer is not permissible; in this case, only a vapour barrier is installed separately.

The floor covering must be installed a short period following the end of the heating procedure. During the heating process, there must be no construction materials or covers on the floor. The respective rooms must be well ventilated; however, a through draught is to be prevented.

Three days following the installation of the floor covering, the underfloor heating system can be started up. When doing so, ensure that the time period from starting the heating system to reaching full power is approx. 5–7 days, with the temperature gradually changing in increments of 5°C. This procedure also applies to subsequent seasonal system start-ups.