Laminate flooring suitable for high humidity areas

wineo laminate flooring is characterised by high quality standards and to some extent is also suitable for high humidity areas. 
The wineo Aqua-Protect core board is used in all laminate collections. Thanks to its special impregnation and board composition, this HDF core board is distinguished by a high degree of hardness, density and extremely insignificant swelling behaviour when exposed to moisture. This extensive moisture resistance prevents joints from swelling. In addition, the element edges–i.e. the edges of the laminate panels–have been impregnated with high-quality synthetic oils.

Together with the patented LocTec locking system, this represents the consistently first-class quality standard offered by wineo and enables laminate flooring to be used in high humidity areas. Please observe the following when using laminate flooring in high humidity areas 

  • The laminate installation instructions and laminate cleaning instructions must be observed
  • Maintain adequate expansion gaps to all ascending components
  • Using silicone, lightly seal end points of elements (skirting boards, profiles, pipes etc.) for the laminate flooring
  • Make sure that no water goes under the laminate
  • Do not leave puddles of water on the surface to dry.

Following these instructions should ensure that your laminate flooring lasts a long time in high humidity areas such as bathrooms and kitchens.