Laminate flooring with anti-static properties

wineo laminate flooring is characterised by high quality standards. The wineo laminate collection (see product catalogue) additionally features anti-static properties. Electrostatic charging is the result of wood or laminate flooring being walked on and is a complex process. An electrostatic voltage field is consequently created between two matters which positive and negative charges cannot discharge if the conductivity of the matter is impaired.

Material combinations such as the sole of a shoe/flooring surface,  walking speed, the way of walking, clothing and climatic conditions (relative humidity and temperature) have a significant impact. Under unfavourable conditions, a person can become charged to a body voltage of up to 25 KV. Approaching earthed parts then results in discharge ("electric shock"). These body voltages are perceptible from approx. 2 KV and even painful over 4 KV.

wineo laminate flooring with anti-static composition/anti-static properties reduces this voltage, as it passes the electric charge to the underfloor before it can cause perceptible discharge. In addition, all anti-static surfaces are easier to clean as dirt and dust cannot adhere so strongly to the floor. 

Following installation, we recommend that you use Dr. Schutz laminate cleaner to clean your wineo laminate flooring for the first time. Doing this will clean the surface of any dirt deposits and activate the anti-static function of the flooring. Following this, the surface is ready to face tough applications and can easily be kept clean by means of the standard everyday cleaning process (see separate cleaning instructions).