Impact sound insulation & underlay material for laminate, parquet & vinyl

Advantages of wineo impact sound insulation

  • Made from naturally occurring components such as sand or rapeseed/castor oil.
  • Solvent-free, no emission of harmful substances
  • Improves living comfort
  • Reduces walking and footfall noise
  • Levels out slight unevenness in the subfloor
  • Ideal with underfloor heating
  • Particularly durable, resistant and dimensionally stable
  • Available as laminate and parquet underlay or for resilient floor coverings such as vinyl flooring and PURLINE organic flooring

What is impact sound insulation?

Loud footsteps on laminate or parquet flooring not only disturb the neighbours, but also bring unnecessary noise into your own four walls. To counteract this, there are floor coverings with integrated insulating underlays. In most cases, however, these are universal solutions that are rarely tailored to special needs or requirements. As an alternative, separate insulating underlays are installed for hard floor coverings, such as laminate or parquet, and also for resilient design floors.

This is because a good underlay can significantly reduce footfall and walking noise with laminate. Elastic design floors have better sound properties than hard floor coverings, but additional sound reduction is still possible. In combination with laminate, parquet or resilient flooring, the walking and impact sound is permanently reduced, thus considerably increasing the sense of well-being within your own four walls.

What are the different types of impact sound insulation made of?

Insulating underlays made of polyurethane (PU)

Insulating underlays made of polyurethane are ideal for heated floors. With their low thermal resistance, they let the heat through particularly well, e.g. from underfloor heating. This means that the room heats up quickly, energy consumption is reduced and with it heating costs. As PU impact sound insulation is a duroplastic, it is characterised by opromal recovery behaviour and a very high compressive strength.
PU mats from wineo are made from sustainable organic polyurethane (ecuran).

PU impact sound insulation advantages at a glance

  • Sustainable
  • Resistant
  • Very good impact and walking sound performance
  • Optimum resilience
  • Very high compressive strength
  • Long-life performance

Insulating underlays made of polyethylene (PE)

As an insulating underlay for laminate and parquet floors, the polyethylene foam offers good impact and walking sound reduction and is (conditionally) suitable for use on heated floors. In terms of price and technology, the PE vapour control layer is in the mid range.

PE impact sound insulation advantages at a glance

  • Value for money
  • Better sound values than lightweight foams/XPS
  • Prevents rising damp
  • PE vapour barrier from wineo is B2 certified

Insulation underlays made of polystyrene (XPS/EPS)

A common insulation material that is also used for impact sound insulation. Expanded polystyrene (EPS, also: Styrofoam) is light, but compresses easily (e.g. under heavy furniture). Extruded polystyrene (XPS) insulates slightly less, but is harder. Under laminate or parquet flooring, XPS mats reduce walking and footfall noise while providing good insulation.

XPS/EPS impact sound insulation advantages at a glance

  • Economical solution
  • Heat-insulating
  • Good walking and impact sound reduction
  • (Conditionally) suitable for underfloor heating

Wood fibre insulation boards

Wood fibre boards, which have a high thermal resistance, are made from (residual) wood, sawdust and plants containing wood fibres. This means: they insulate well and are perfect for insulation - but unsuitable for floors with underfloor heating.

Wood fibre insulation boards advantages at a glance

  • Excellent thermal insulation
  • High resistance
  • Permanently good impact sound properties
  • Good height compensation

Impact sound insulation solutions for wineo floor coverings

Impact sound insulation for PURLINE organic flooring

For the installation of PURLINE organic flooring for clicking, we offer silentCOMFORT and silentRIGID impact sound insulation as suitable insulation underlays. Thanks to the slightly adhesive surface, the floor covering can no longer slip and thus offers more safety. At the same time, the insulating underlay also serves as impact sound insulation for footfall and room noise. 

As a suitable insulation underlay for the installation of PURLINE organic flooring or similar resilient floor coverings for gluing, we offer silentPREMIUM impact sound insulation. The insulation underlay is unique among dry adhesives because it reduces footfall and impact sound at the same time. This ensures perfect impact sound protection. The underlay mat is especially advantageous for renovations. This is because the underlay mat can be laid on existing floors.

Impact sound insulation for laminate flooring

If you want to lay laminate flooring, you also need suitable impact sound insulation. We offer this laminate underlay in the form of soundPROTECT. It forms the interfaces to the subfloor and levels out specific unevenness. In addition, these laminate underlays protect the entire system from daily stresses and are an additional impact sound insulation that improves walking and footfall noise.

For mineral subfloors, our SD version is suitable, which has an integrated vapour barrier with a special lamination. This means that no additional PE vapour barrier needs to be installed and saves work when laying the floor.


Impact sound insulation for parquet flooring

Our soundPROTECT insulating underlays can also be used under parquet flooring. Here too, as a parquet underlay, it forms the interfaces to the subfloor and levels out specific unevenness. In addition, this mat protects the entire system from daily stresses and is an additional impact sound insulation that improves walking and footfall noise.

Given parquet or wood has a higher heat transmission resistance than other floor coverings, the use of a parquet underlay made of PU is recommended. Due to the very low heat transmission resistance of our impact sound insulation, we can guarantee that the maximum permissible heat transmission resistance R of 0.15m²K/W is not exceeded, even in combination with parquet.


Impact sound insulation for (rigid) vinyl flooring

With our silentCOMFORT and silentRIGID impact sound insulation, we offer suitable insulation underlays for the floating installation of vinyl flooring or elastic click coverings. Due to the high pressure stability, the click connection is protected and unlocking is prevented even under the highest and most permanent dynamic loads. In addition, our underlays are ideally suited for use with underfloor heating due to their low thermal resistance.

With silentRIGID, we have an impact sound insulation in our range that is specially developed for rigid floorings. Due to their rigidity and brittleness, rigid floors are very susceptible to damage to the profile connection, especially when subjected to loads from chair castors. Our silentRIGID has been developed with a focus on the special properties of rigid floorings and, with its extremely high compressive strength, ensures that the floor does not give way, thus preventing breaks in the profile and still compensating for small discrepencies in the subfloor.


Frequently asked questions about impact sound insulation

Insulation underlay, impact sound insulation mat: Anyone who installs laminate or resilient flooring will stumble across these terms sooner or later. What is meant is the thin insulation layer between the subfloor and the floor covering. The choice is huge and sometimes confuses even the professionals: PU, PE or rather wood fibre? Do I need a vapour barrier? What do I need to consider for heated floors? Is the impact sound value sufficient? And is the mat even necessary?

We provide the answers.

Is it possible to install a floor without impact sound insulation?

The floor covering and the insulation underlay form a flooring system that, with the right combination, perfectly matches the room and its use. Impact sound insulation reduces walking noise, compensates for minor unevenness and thus facilitates the preparation of the subfloor.
In addition, good impact sound insulation protects the flooring and prolongs its life.

Impact sound insulation - What values are important for impact sound?

The strength of the impact sound insulation is measured in decibels (dB). The room acoustics are influenced by two components: the walking sound and the impact sound. The walking sound is the sound, e.g. of steps, that can be heard in the room itself. Impact sound is the sound that is transmitted to adjacent rooms and floors when the floor is used.

What is a vapour barrier and why should it be used?

The vapour barrier is a thin PE foil that is laid under the floor covering.
The vapour barrier should be used to prevent the release of residual moisture on mineral substrates, e.g. screed. A vapour barrier is unsuitable for non-mineral subfloors, e.g. wood.

What exactly does thermal resistance mean?

The thermal resistance indicates how well a material insulates.
The unit of measurement is (m²K) / W (square metres Kelvin per Watt).

What impact sound insulation should I use for floating floors?

For the installation of floating hard floors, such as laminate or parquet floors, we recommend the soundPROTECT laminate underlay. 

For the installation of floating resilient floors such as vinyl flooring or PURLINE organic flooring, we recommend the silentCOMFORT impact sound insulation.

Which impact sound insulation should I use for adhesive flooring?

For floating installation of resilient floor coverings for gluing such as vinyl flooring or PURLINE organic flooring, we offer silentPREMIUM impact sound insulation. 

For glued installation of resilient floor coverings, we recommend silentPLUS impact sound insulation.

Our impact sound insulation product recommendations

More information


For resilient floor coverings for clicking

silentCOMFORT is the perfect impact sound insulation for resilient vinyl flooring and PURLINE organic flooring for clicking.

More information


For rigid vinyl floors for clicking

The right impact sound insulation for rigid floor coverings such as rigid vinyl, to stabilise the click connection.

More information


For resilient floors for gluing

Self-adhesive insulation underlay for floating installation of resilient floors for gluing (e.g. adhesive vinyl).

More information


For laminate and parquet flooring for clicking

The optimum impact sound insulation for hard floor coverings such as laminate and parquet flooring.

Impact sound insulation in use - installation videos

soundPROTECT impact sound insulation in use

silentRIGID Description video

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