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PERFECT FIT underlay material

wineo underlay material for all application areas

oud steps on laminate flooring or parquet not only disturb the neighbours but also unnecessarily disrupt the ambience within your own home. To counteract this, floor coverings with integrated noise insulation are available. In most cases however, these are universal solutions that are only rarely tailored to any specific needs or requirements. As an alternative, separate insulating underlay is installed for hard floor coverings such as laminate or parquet as well as for elastic design flooring. Good insulation can significantly reduce footfall noise caused by walking on laminate flooring. Elastic design flooring has better sound characteristics than hard floor coverings; nevertheless, additionally reducing the level of noise produced is possible and worthwhile.

Incredibly long-lasting, resistant and dimensionally stable noise-absorbing mats from wineo. Regardless of whether they are combined with laminate flooring, parquet or elastic flooring, footfall noise is optimally reduced on an ongoing basis – a real advantage with regard to interior climate and wellbeing.

Organic polyurethane noise-absorbing mats are ideal for use with underfloor heating systems. They have an extremely low thermal resistance and let through the heat produced by an underfloor heating system particularly well.

If a wineo PERFECT FIT PU underlay (soundPROTECT, soundSTOP, silentCOMFORT, silentPREMIUM, silentPLUS or silentRIGID) is used in combination with a suitable wineo flooring product, the wineo guarantee will be extended by 5 years.

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