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Create the perfect finish with wineo accessories

wineo accessories advantages at a glance

  • Durable PU underlay mats for various floor coverings, from laminate to parquet
  • Energy-saving footfall sound insulation for low energy consumption
  • Decor matching skirting boards for wineo floor coverings
  • Neutral skirting boards in various designs and formats
  • Aluminium profiles, adapted to wineo floor coverings, for perfectly fitting transitions and finishes
  • Innovative vinyl flooring staircase solution for staircase design with matching decor to the existing floor covering

Accessories recommendations from the flooring professionals

The flooring must be right for the room and the accessories must be perfectly matched to the flooring so that the material can play to its strengths.

That's why we at wineo develop flooring accessories that are perfectly matched to our laminate, design and organic floors, both visually and technically. Our flooring professionals know how to get the best out of your floor with mats, skirting boards etc.

They are there to help you with advice and practical support when it comes to choosing and installing your floor. On the following pages, the flooring professionals will introduce you to the wineo range of accessories - and reveal one or two professional tips.

Impact sound insulation | Underlay material

Underlay mats or impact sound insulation are laid under the floor covering. They are used to reduce footfall and walking noise. In addition, the insulation mats compensate for minor unevenness and protect the floor covering on top.

wineo impact sound insulation at a glance:

  • Fits perfectly for hard floor coverings such as laminate or parquet flooring.
  • Impact sound insulation for resilient floor coverings such as vinyl flooring or PURLINE organic flooring
  • Reduction of walking and impact sound
  • Low thermal resistance
  • Suitable for laying on underfloor heating


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Skirting boards / baseboards

Skirting boards provide a neat wall finish and unsightly cables can be hidden behind them. The result is also an optimally closed surface that is easy to clean and protects the wall from dirt and knocks.

wineo skirtings at a glance:

  • Skirtings available in different shapes
  • Exclusive Hamburg skirting for old and new buildings
  • Available in the colour white or stainless steel
  • Skirting boards with the same decor in wood look
  • Suitable for rooms with high humidity
  • Particularly easy to install with the clip fastening system


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Aluminium floor profiles

Aluminium profiles ensure successful finishes and clean transitions between two floor coverings. When laying floors, gaps occur in which dirt collects. To avoid this, professionals use floor profiles.

wineo aluminium profiles at a glance:

  • Easy installation: for screwing and gluing
  • Available in silver, brass and stainless steel
  • Stable, durable and extremely light
  • End profiles, transition profiles and matching profiles available
  • To secure the floor covering


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Feature strips

Would you like to enhance your favourite floor with a plank look or visually enlarge the room? With wineo feature strips, there are many options open to you.

wineo feature strips at a glance:

  • Visual enhancement of the floor area
  • Available in 5 different colours
  • Available in 2 mm and 2.5 mm, therefore suitable for any adhesive floor covering
  • Easy to install whilst laying of the floor


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Elevations, external and internal corners

A high level of cleanliness is obligatory in the healthcare sector. In order to comply with the high hygiene standards, so-called elevations are recommended in the area of floor coverings instead of skirting boards.

wineo elevations, external and internal corners at a glance:

  • Available for all PURLINE roll designs
  • High stability and very robust
  • clean and tight wall finish
  • Shorter construction time, as elevations are prefabricated

Staircase solutions

Modern and integrated staircase solutions. Create an individual staircase in wood or stone look with a wineo staircase solution. Matched to existing floor coverings.

wineo staircase solutions at a glance:

  • Available for selected PURLINE and design flooring products
  • Various stair nosing profiles possible
  • A suitable solution for every type of staircase
  • Safe thanks to slip resistance level R9

The perfect finish

See an installation through from start to (perfect) finish with the right accessories for wineo laminate and design flooring. Skirting boards or baseboards that match the decor form the decorative finish and cover the necessary expansion joint between the flooring and the wall. We offer different versions of skirting boards for our floor coverings. In addition to classic white skirting boards, we also have skirting boards with the same decor in a wood look and, for floor coverings with a tile look, matching skirting boards in a stainless steel look.

Aluminium floor profiles cover different requirements: Transition profiles form a stable transition between two floor coverings of the same height. Matching profiles connect two floor coverings at different heights. A finishing profile creates a stable finish on patio doors or to other adjoining building components.

An equally necessary accessory is suitable underlay material, which not only reduces walking noise but also protects the floor from moisture from below. We offer a vapour barrier for all hard floor coverings (laminate, parquet etc.) but also impact sound insulation to improve the room acoustics.

Ask your wineo dealer for advice. They can offer you the right care products, cleaning sets and installation tools to suit your individual requirements.

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