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wineo 300
Laminate flooring wineo 300 The wineo 300 laminate flooring collection offers a large choice of classic and extraordinary decors for a cosy home with style. The select timber reproductions in this collection and the differ...
wineo 300
Laminae flooring wineo 300 The wineo 300 laminate flooring collection offers a large choice of classic and extraordinary decors for a cosy home with style. The select timber reproductions in this collection and the differ...
Product composition
...on is laminated onto the underside of the laminate panel. This diagram illustrates the composition of laminate flooring. Product composition Laminate flooring Surface texture Various embossings (wineo 300 and wineo 500) ensure a high degree of authenticity. Matt and high gloss finishes (wineo 550) give the decor brilliance and a depth of colour. Wear layer The particularly durable melamine resin ...
Technical data sheets
... 1500 safety wineo 1500 sea Design flooring wineo 400 to glue wineo 400 to click wineo 400 Multi-Layer wineo 600 to glue wineo 600 to click wineo 800 to glue wineo 800 to click Laminate flooring wineo 300 wineo 500 medium wineo 500 with Authentic joint design wineo 550 wineo Rock'n'Go Accessoires silentPREMIUM silentCOMFORT Sound Protect Eco Sound Protect Eco Profi Sound Protect Eco Profi SD Soun...
Decorating Styles
...e und passend zu Ihrem Lieblings Wohnstil zu finden. Hier haben wir einige Boden-Inspirationen zusammengestellt. Contemporary Design Designboden wineo 600 - Polaris Industrial Style Laminatboden wineo 300 - Jalopy Urban Living Laminatboden wineo 300 - Okami Scandinavian Style Laminatboden wineo 500 XL V4 - Malmoe Pine Modern Living Designboden wineo 600 stone - Lava Black Urban Living Designboden...
Declaration of performance
...mance DOP 2001010 wineo 1000 | PURLINE Role | PURLINE Plank DOP 2101010 wineo 1500 Roll / Plank DOP 2201010 wineo 1500 acoustic DOP 2301010 wineo 1500 safety DOP 2003010 Purline 2019 DOP 0101010 wineo 300 | wineo 500 | Performance Laminate flooring / wineo Rock'N'Go | wineo 1000 Multi-Layer wood XXL DOP 0301010 wineo 400 | wineo 400 Multi-Layer | wineo 600 | wineo 800 DOP 1601010 wineo 550 | wine...
Archive declaration of performance
Archive declaration of performance Declaration of performance 0101001 Laminate floor covering acc. EN 13329 | wineo 300 | wineo 500 | bonita | marena | piazza | ariosa | euro Declaration of performance 0401001 Resilient floor covering acc. EN ISO 10582 | DESIGNline | Select | Prestige | ambra | wineo 400 for glui...
Be inspired Decorating styles Every taste is different and everyone wants to set up their own home dividually. We introduce you to the most popular living styles and interior design ideas. Scandic Living, industrial style or natural living - there is something for everyone. » Learn more about the trendy interior designs References wineo floors are now in countless private and public buildings. Or
...long product life: Product Wear class / Carrier Period Abrasion Stain resistance UV resistance Locking system Product stability Laminate flooring               wineo 300 23/31 - 7 mm 15 years X X X X X wineo 500 23/32 - 8/10 mm 20 years X X X X X wineo 550 23/32 - 8 mm 20 years X X X X X   ABRASION: in accordance with DIN EN 660-2 (elastic floor coveri...
wineo 600
Design flooring wineo 600 wineo 600 Stylish. Show diversity. Thanks to a wear layer of 0.4 mm, the wineo 600 offers a wide range of applications for gluing and clicking. The 24 wood designs and 8 stone looks, z. T. with Real Fugue, are not only suitable for the object, but also for private customers who place value on resilient floors in trendy designs. This vinyl floor offers various panel format
wineo 1000
PURLINE organic flooring | wineo 1000 wood The best ingredients... A modern floor should be able to do a lot and offer a lot. Besides extraordinary design, genuine homeliness and good installation properties, one thing above all is more important than ever: genuine sustainability. And that is precisely why wineo 1000, the PURLINE organic flooring for the home, is consciously made of natural raw ma
wineo 800
Design Flooring wineo 800 Inspired by global trends, wineo 800 comes in attractive wood and stone designs, as well as unique tiles in a variety of formats. The collection is rounded off by creative craft elements such as mosaic and slim planks. Confident in style Where do we find inspiration? Where can we feel the spirit of the times? Our designers were looking for the latest trends – with the a
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